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These are our current digital marketing and online visibility courses. We add new training programs each month covering a range of digital, visibility and modern marketing skills.

Each course is delivered online,  and/ or via email. You can work as fast or as slowly as you need to. If you prefer to learn with additional support then our Visibility VIPs + the program of your choice will work really well.

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You want your business to be noticed, you want to be seen and heard in all the right places. You're not afraid to put in the work, but you need sound advice and an extra pair of eyes.

The Ideal Customer Experience online training course will help you gain understanding of the customer experience and why it's so important. The Ideal Customer Experience is perfect for entrepreneurs, coaches, new marketers, social marketers and small business owners who want to create a better customer journey

Blogging to Get Clients - Self-study training course with a one to one call each month to help you get the most from your blogging activity

This unofficial FB Live Guide covers all you need to know about livestreaming and then some! The FB Live Guide contains 10 chapters and 67 pages, enabling even a complete beginner to be able to understand how to livestream using…