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Digital Marketing Brain Picking

Where's my audience? How do I know what time to post? Where does my ideal client hang out? How do I know what marketing to do for my business? How do I know it's working? How does it lead to sales?

Digital Marketing Strategy

I have a business and I want more from "online"... Then a digital marketing strategy session is for you. Together we'll map out your perfect marketing plan. They we'll help you deliver it, or do it for you. The choice is yours.

I want to Learn Digital Marketing Skills

I don't have the budget to hire you (yet) so I'd like to do it myself. What digital marketing skills do you teach?

the Online Visibility Academy

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Hey Freelancer, 

How's business going? Are you found by all the right people (clients) because you're in all the right places? 

The Online Visibility Academy is dedicated to your success.

We share content that will help you become visible, and if you want to fast-track your visibility? Then we have our amazing courses that will give you the skills you need! 

Who are we to help you? Kevin started his business as a freelance courier, and Sarah fell into freelance writing. Since 2006 they've marketed their businesses online, and since 2009 other freelancers and consultants have approached them to find out how they became visible and attractive to clients!

In 2012 they created the Online Visibility Academy to help freelancers with low budgets gain the digital marketing skills they need in order to grow their businesses.

extra services

Digital Marketing is HUGE and covers many things... here are some of the things we're great at and you'll love learning from us.

Blogging Challenge

Storyselling 101

Marketing Psychology

Audience Building

LEad Magnets