October, November and December seemed filled with holidays from Canadian thanksgiving and Halloween in October right up until New Years Day it seems like every other weekend is a holiday! This means creating blog posts can be a bit more taxing on your creativity. This blog post will ignite some ideas for your holiday content.


  1. The biggest holiday in the USA during November is Thanksgiving. Write a post about your family’s traditions, and be sure to include a list of the things you’re thankful for this year. This also lends well to your business focused blog – What are you thankful for in your business? Don't celebrate thanksgiving? Have a day of gratitude and share that with your audience instead.
  2. Post some tips on how to properly cook a turkey, along with food safety tips, this is perfect for food bloggers everywhere as well as the related industries. If you sell Agas you might want to show how to plan the order of your food for optimal cooking because I recently found out that you can't shove it all in at the same time and expect a great meal!
  3. November is National Adoption Month. If you or someone you know is adopted or has adopted a child, write a post in their honour. You can talk about your fur-babies as well as causes you've adopted in your business. Two causes we've adopted are poverty and homeless related. Every time we sell a product or service we make a donation to support those in need. For us, this isn't a gimmick to sell more courses but something we both passionately believe in.
  4. Some of your carnivore readers may find themselves playing host to vegetarians this holiday and vice-versa.  If you've got something that works for everyone then share it! Share tips that are positive. Sure, we all have difficult family members, and I'm sure our families regard us as difficult at times, so let's make it easy for someone!
  5. Do 12 days of something. Sure, there's 12 days of Christmas, but there can also be 12 days of business support, 12 days of recycling, 12 days of social media… Whatever you choose remember to make 12 posts and link them together. You can even create a special branded image theme to flow through the content.
  6. Remember to post some ideas for using up leftovers. Leftovers aren't just food. You have leftover decor and other things. How can this be reused?
  7. Help your readers manage their time this holiday season. Share your schedules and timings so others can be inspired. Create a post linking to great time management over the holiday's resources.
  8. Help your readers save money with how they can get amazing Black Friday and Cyber Money deals. This is an opportunity to boost your income as well as being helpful to your audience.
  9. People are going to spend lots of money during the next two months on holiday gifts. This means creating an awesome gift guide and targeting it to your audience.
  10. Compile a list of holiday videos, or the best videos of the year and embed the videos into your post. There's nothing about blogging that says it HAS to be all text! You can get creative and add in video or a dash of infographics to create something incredible for your audience.
  11. Stores used to reserve their Black Friday sales for the day after Thanksgiving. Now, stores are offering “Black Friday” sales all November long. You could make this a weekly (or even daily) post in November – just updating your readers on the sales that are happening.
  12. What are your favorite holiday cookie recipes?
  13. Aside from cookies, what are your other favorite holiday recipes? Does a recipe have to be food? You can create your own recipes for success, motivation or another area of personal development and ensure that it feels like a recipe by giving some baking guidelines
  14. During this busy time of year, getting projects delivered on time during the week can be a challenge. Do you have any tips?
  15. It can also be hard to workout this time of year – who wants to go for a freezing run? Post some tips on how to keep warm as you keep fit.
  16. Go through your stats and post a round-up of your most popular posts from the past year – I love reading these it really shows how you've grown and where you've changed. I recommend you create this style of list post and you'll boost your own wellbeing as well as inspire others.
  17. What was the best piece of business advice you ever received? Why did it resonate with you?
  18. What are your favorite business tools? Do they make a fabulous gift guide?
  19. Who inspired you the most this year? Choose a non-celebrity and boost a colleague or peer and write a post about them and how they've impacted you positively.
  20. Looking back on the past year, what was the best thing you did for your business?

And there you have it! 20 blog post ideas for the holidays.


Sarah Arrow

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