Many authors believe that once their book is published, their job is done and the publisher will handle all the marketing. This passive stance can severely limit the reach and success of your book. In today's digital age, authors actively marketing their books often see much better results. It's time to take control of your book's destiny!

Limiting Belief 1: They're not wanting to market their book as they think their publishers should do this

Many authors think marketing is the publisher’s responsibility. But is this really the case?

  1. You might believe that publishers will put significant effort into marketing all books.
  2. You may think that your book will naturally find its audience through the publisher.
  3. Perhaps you feel that marketing is outside your skill set and not your job.

This belief is not accurate. Most publishers focus their marketing efforts on their best-selling authors and books. To ensure your book reaches its potential audience, start by engaging with your existing readers through social media, newsletters, and personal appearances. This direct engagement can make a significant difference in your book’s success.

For example, a debut novelist doubled their sales by hosting weekly Q&A sessions on their social media pages, directly engaging with readers and creating a loyal fanbase.

How engaged are you with your readers online? Taking an active role in marketing can extend your book's reach far beyond what a publisher might achieve alone.

Limiting Belief 2: They don't know how to find their audience online

Finding an audience online can seem daunting. Is it really that difficult?

  1. You might be unsure which social platforms your readers use.
  2. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the options for digital marketing.
  3. You may not know how to start a conversation online with potential readers.

Identifying and connecting with your audience online is simpler than it appears. Focus on platforms where discussions about books like yours are already happening, such as Goodreads, Facebook reading groups, and Twitter literary chats. Use tools like hashtags to join existing conversations and track what your audience is interested in.

Consider the author who found her niche audience by participating in specific genre-based groups on Goodreads and then hosting live readings on Facebook tailored to that group.

Think about the places online where discussions about topics related to your book occur. Are you present in those spaces? Being active in the right communities can help you connect directly with your audience.

Limiting Belief 3: It's hard to market your book when you don't have a plan and you don't know where to start (I can help with that)

Without a plan, marketing can seem overwhelming. But must it be so?

  1. Many authors stall because they feel they need a perfect plan to start.
  2. Some are daunted by the broad range of marketing tactics available.
  3. Others worry about the time commitment required to implement a marketing plan.

Starting with a simple, focused marketing plan can significantly demystify the process. Identify your main marketing goals (e.g., increasing online visibility, growing your mailing list) and select one or two strategies to begin with, such as creating regular content for your blog or starting a newsletter.

An author of historical fiction started with a basic plan to post weekly on her blog about the real history behind her stories, which not only boosted her book sales but also increased her blog’s readership.

What’s stopping you from creating a simple marketing plan today? Even small efforts can lead to big results if consistently applied.

Now, let’s recap what we’ve learned. By taking charge of your book’s marketing, understanding where to find your audience online, and starting with a simple, manageable marketing plan, you can significantly increase your book’s visibility and sales.

It’s time to move beyond these limiting beliefs. Your active involvement in marketing your book is crucial to its success.

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