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5 Stories to Tell On Your Website

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Telling stories are a fun way to connect with your audience. They're the type of content that's easily remembered (stories are how we share our history; our brains are hardwired to recall them with ease) and they're pieces of content that are adaptable to fit your audience. 

In this post, we share 5 stories to tell on your website and create a connection with your readers.

5 Stories to Tell on Your Website

Why did you start your business? Telling your “Why”, your hopes and dreams for your business is a powerful story to share on your “about page” on your website and in a video.

How you gained your first customer in your business. Whether it was a family member who got you started or a complete stranger, sharing how you got your first customer is inspirational to many.

Where have you struggled with your business in the past, and what changed for you? Often business owners think service or product providers have never struggled. By showing that you’ve struggled and overcome those struggles, you will inspire them to do the same.

The story of your first product. How did it come about? This is a powerful story that can not only go on the product sales page but also in a video for social media to drive traffic back to the product page.

The story of when you wanted to quit. We’ve all had those moments where we’ve wanted to throw in the towel and yell “enough!”. What was your moment and how did you overcome it? This makes a great social media video too.

Which of these 5 stories will you tell on your website?
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