Digital marketing requires sustained and consistent action, small actions often and over time which also means that it can sometimes be difficult to stay completely focused and on track with your efforts. If you’re starting to find that staying focussed is becoming an issue, here are some top tips to help you improve the situation…

1. Create a schedule

Create a schedule and then try to stick to it as closely as possible. By setting daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and then allocating adequate time to carry them out, you will be able to ensure that you do everything necessary and ultimately stay on track with your goals. I talked in an earlier post about manageable tasks and this should be at the front of your mind when you set these goals.

2. Do one thing at a time

Many people try to multitask and attempt to do everything at once. A much better idea is to focus on one thing at a time and keep working on that task until it is completed. There is nothing worse than having five unfinished tasks on the go!. If you find you are hopping around the different tasks take a minute and be honest with yourself, Why are you doing this?

It could be you are unsure of what you are doing, It could be that you are not confident in the task you are performing, It may even be you have other things on your mind that are taking over, whatever it is remember multitasking is often the ideal of dreamers and if you want good digital marketing content you have to focus and pay attention to one thing at a time.

3. Set realistic goals

It is important to be realistic in terms of your digital marketing goals and objectives. Setting unrealistic targets makes everyone in your business feel stressed and overwhelmed, while it also creates a culture of negativity as targets start to become missed on a frequent basis.

If you don't know what a realistic goal is then you have 2 choices either hire in a professional to help you with your plan or start off small and build up slowly over the first weeks and months of implementing your plan.

4. Work in chunks

One of the best ways to improve focus and productivity is to work in chunks and make sure that you take regular breaks. For larger tasks, you may want to consider breaking it down into smaller pieces and setting a realistic target date/time for the completion of each segment. Doing this will enable you to stay focused and feel a sense of accomplishment as each piece is completed.

5. Recognise when help is needed

Digital marketing is highly complex and requires specialist skills and knowledge to be implemented successfully. With this in mind, there becomes a time in any company when it’s just not possible to handle a particular task in-house.

In order to achieve maximum success with digital marketing, it is important to recognise when help is needed so that you can go out and get it. This might include using the services of a specialist digital marketing agency, or it might mean hiring a new member of staff who can bring the necessary skills to the table. If you’re a small business or working on your own, it could just be as simple as asking a question on an online marketing forum and receiving some opinions or advice on the subject, if you do ask make sure the answer you take is from a professional and not a 5-minute twitter expert


Setting some time aside and planning for your Digital marketing is only ever going to benefit you, it will stop the weekly goals from being missed and will stop you from stressing out over what you haven't done or need to do. If you find you have extra time during your week then that's great do a bit more however that extra time should be treated just like that not to shift your schedule or the following week when you get busy you will drop down in your focus and productivity.

Remember if you need any help or support staying focused on your digital marketing then you can always book a no-obligation call with us here

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