about the online visibility academy
One of the biggest challenges for coaches, entrepreneurs and other small business owners is the need to continuously learn new skills and concepts. In reality, you crave the thrill of the acquisition, the excitement of learning something new, and if it looks like it will help you grow your business then it’s also a wise investment.

There are two challenges we all face when choosing the right online visibility training:

Challenge #1: Learning Addiction

The first problem comes when you let the exploration and learning take over too much of your time. Or, even worse, when you listen to something new even if it has no relevance to what you’re trying to achieve in your business right now.

Perhaps you’ve been lured by the excitement of makes sales with webinars. You can’t resist listening and watching the all the training you can find about it. You’ve bought the latest ebook, maybe purchased some software, set up your account, and started thinking about what content to deliver that will increase your visibility and sales. That’s great if you have a business and are in the middle of acquiring and nurturing your leads.

But what if you’re in the middle of a campaign in which your focus is researching and developing a new product line? Does it really make sense to break that focus and take a detour to learn webinars? Unless it’s going to be integral to your new product line in some way, spending time on something unrelated will just slow you down in getting your product to market. No new product means less income for you.

On the other hand, what if you’ve already created your new product line and are looking for ways to get it in front of potential customers’ eyes? Webinars could very well be a great place to achieve that. If you decide that your market loves and uses webinars in a big way, then investing the time and money in all those programs and training courses may be just what you need to get new sales.

Challenge #2: All Talk and No Action

The other challenge you encounter with online learning is actually putting your new-found knowledge into action. Many times you pick up a great course or training program that you know will help your business. You start reading it and implementing some of it with enthusiasm. After a while, though, it starts getting shoved aside for “tomorrow” as more and more daily tasks get in the way. Soon, it’s relegated to a corner of the desk and then the bookshelf or a forgotten folder on the computer, gathering dust.

Successful entrepreneurs manage to overcome both of these challenges in a number of ways.

online learning arrowThere is no secret recipe for your success, but you do need to follow a few specific guidelines to be able to achieve the results you desire:

  • Focus only on what’s relevant to your goals Right Now
  • Be specific about what you want to learn and why
  • Finish what you started before you begin learning something new
  • Apply everything you learn to real life, whether it’s work or personal

Let these principles guide you whenever you feel the urge to embark on a new course of learning. Post them on your wall if you have to. Remember that everyone else is facing these same challenges and you are absolutely capable of overcoming them, the difference is, the programs the Online Visibility Academy create are built for your success by independent training course designers, with the added dimension of real world experience.

As totally authentic marketing experts, you’ll learn from our experience, and all of it is what achieves results. There are no instructors here talking theory. Sarah & Kevin Arrow have been marketing service based businesses online since 2006, starting with their own successful transport business.

Put all your learning to work for you with the Online Visibility Academy so that you can achieve the success you’ve set your sights on.

With the Online Visibility Academy, you’re going to learn how to avoid and conquer your two main learning challenges in every training course you take. Your ongoing business and professional development will be something that you’re invested in, after all, your online visibility and credibility are important.