AI Quiz Video Training

AI Quiz Video: Rapid Quiz Results

Glad you could join us! Today you’ll discover why AI Quizzes can add that little extra to your content!


How you can get easily create quizzes

This 57 minute video will walk you through how you can create amazing quizzes with AI using Smart Quiz Builder.

If you decide at the end of it that you'd like more help getting found you can check out Smart Quiz Builder and the AI add-on.

AI Quiz Tools

Click to open in a new tab. It's a Google Doc (web_ so you can type on it, or print it out and write all over it.  The best results from any training comes when you take notes. 

Quiz Checklist

Get started with your quiz here! 

Traffic Jam SEO Course

Video SEO course, complete with course book, action steps and action guide. Bonuses include SEO Planner, Local SEO ebook, and Content Frameworks!  Total Value £497



My name is

Sarah Arrow

And I love content. Making words work is my passion. 

Helping you get more traffic to your website is my purpose, and I hope you enjoy the training! 

What people say...

Nathan Paul Davis

Marketing Consultant

Sarah's content is always amazing. The 30 Day Blogging Challenge she runs has helped me understand what it means to run a content marketing business. I will always remember the day I posted a question in an online forum about billing a client and she hopped on the phone with me to help me sort it out. She is a great leader!

Sarupa Shah

Money Mentor

Got loads of opportunities because of blogging and clients too and when inspiration left me or I pretended it did, Sarah had the cure. Her ability to refocus you to write and share your magic and do the technical bits without it being painful is a gift worth experiencing.

I ended up blogging in HuffPo and now have my own column in offline and glossy magazine. (Soul & Spirit)

JEan flower

Divorce Consultant

 recently used Sarah for some content and marketing advice and wanted to sing her praises. Sarah's work was prompt, specific, and really on point - a marketing PRO !
Thank you Sarah - I look forward to working with you again soon.

Claire bullimore


Sarah is an incredible mentor. From email marketing to how to use most software and social media platforms. She has made my life a lot less stressful.

What's First Page Famous?

It's an eCourse (delivered by email) that focuses on on-page SEO. It's delivered over 30 days and gently walks you through what you can do to optimize your website.


Can I have both?

Yes. If you want both, you can have both. Start with First Page Famous and then complete Traffic Jam SEO.


Can you do it for me?

Yes, probably. But I'd really like you to try it yourself. When you learn aspects yourself you understand the work involved, the time commitment and why things change. This means when you are ready to work with someone (me) then you have a deeper understanding of what goes on.

What's Traffic Jam SEO

It's an SEO course that covers the basics of SEO for your website. It actually goes a little deeper than most "basic" courses. It's delivered by video and you can work at your own pace.


Do you guarantee results?

No one can guarantee results. Ever. If you do the work, you are more likely to get the results you want. But I guarantee that if you do nothing, you'll get exactly what you have now, probably less.


How long does it take to get results?

It took 18 months to rank for a high traffic keyword to get onto the first page of the search engines. The boost it gave our business was incredible! Other keywords, less competitive ones, came much faster. Some took as little as 6 weeks. The thing to remember is it takes a little activity each day to make a difference.

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