Have you ever wondered why most people get online? I mean, what are they doing? What are they looking for? The answer is simple – they need information or entertainment. While a percentage of people online get on expressly to buy something, for the most part, people are looking for information. They’re not surfing with their wallets in their hands.

  • What do you think people are doing on Google?

Yes, they’re asking questions and looking for answers! Answers to problems. Answers to gossip about celebrities. Answers for food recipes, technical know-how and much more.

The internet is all about information – and if you wish to succeed as a marketer and get sales, you need to not only provide relevant, useful and engaging information, BUT you must also know the questions that people are asking.

There’s no point in providing information that no one really needs. In the past, you had to put yourself in the visitors’ shoes and try to figure out what they wanted… or you had to visit forums and scan for questions that people were asking.

It was a time-consuming process and a great deal of guesswork. Well, those days are long gone now. Thanks to one of the most unique research tools on the planet – AnswerThePublic.

Let’s see why thousands of marketers are flocking to this site for keyword research…

The Pros

AnswerThePublic has real questions

In every content training ever you will be told confidently to create content that answers people's questions. No one ever seems to answer “How do you know what people are asking”. Okay, we answer this one in our training, but the most popular response seems to be “ask on social media” which never gives you what people are really looking for.  So what can you use to find out what people are asking? AnswerThePublic is a search listening tool that will dig up all the questions people have searched for online in relation to your keyword. There’s no guess work here.

This is real data.

All you need to do is type in your keyword and voila! The tool will churn out a large list of questions that people are asking online.

For example, if we searched for ‘homemade dog food’, these would be some of the results AnswerThePublic would give you:

  • homemade dog food for constipation
  • how to make homemade dog food with salmon
  • homemade dog food in crockpot
  • what's the best homemade dog food

These are just 4 of the many suggestions churned out by this tool. Guess what?

Every single result is something that people were searching for. Which brings us to the next point…

AnswerThePublic supports your content marketing strategy

If you took the list of results that AnswerThePublic gave you, and grouped the keywords tightly (3-4) and wrote an article on your blog answering these questions, in a matter of time, your posts would rank and people who search for these terms will be seeing your posts.

This is one of the best ways create content in a strategic manner and also achieve search engine optimization. That’s how useful AnswerThePublic is.

AnswerThePublic Gives you 3 free searches a day

If you don’t have a paid account, you only get 3 free searches a day. Which is enough if you’re just starting out. But if you’re running an online business that’s producing tons of content, you definitely need to upgrade your account.

Either way, you can always try AnswerThePublic and see how useful it is.

·         Add unlimited users

With a paid account, this tool allows you to add unlimited users. So you can always hire a VA to do your research for you.

·         Export data

Following on the earlier point, once your VA has collated the data, he/she can export it as a CSV file and send it to you. You can then decide which search terms you’ll target and so on.

AnswerThePublic gives you visual answers

What’s truly interesting about AnswerThePublic is that it caters to both people who prefer textual data and those who prefer their data in graphics.

The tool will also create a high-resolution image with all the search terms so that it can be used in a presentation or seen as an infographic that’s easier to understand.

AnswerThePublic  has alerts

You can set up alerts within AnswerThePublic to let you know every time there are new searches related to your keywords. In this way, you’ll stay up-to date and have an infusion of new keyword data every so often.

AnswerThePublic helps you stay organized

AnswerThePublic will not only store your past searches and data so that you can compare them over time, but you can also create folders within the interface to keep your research organized and neat.

Speaking of interfaces, AnswerThePublic has a neat, intuitive dashboard that even the newest of newbies will figure out how to use in minutes. This tool was truly created for the layman to use… despite the fact that marketers will benefit greatly from it.

AnswerThePublic: The Cons

The only downside to AnswerThePublic is that the pricing may be a little steep to many beginners who are on a tight budget. At $99 a month ($79 if you pay annually), it is quite a hefty cost when you’re just starting out. So, you might want to get it for just one month and use it to get as much keyword research done… and then cancel your subscription, if you don’t wish to stay on. You’ll miss out on the search alerts, but if the monthly fee is straining your budget, you don’t really have a choice here.

Should You Get It AnswerThePublic?

Yes! This is an awesome tool that’s unique, cool and does a fantastic job. It’s time you knew what the people in your niche are actually searching for – and give them the answers they want.

This will not only help you be perceived as an authority in your niche, but will drive more traffic to your web properties, help you build a list faster, and ultimately, make you more sales.

AnswerThePublic is truly a useful and versatile tool that most marketers will benefit from.


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Sarah & Kevin Arrow

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