Stop Staring at The Abyss of Low Website Traffic and Start Blogging!

Do you feel like your website is a ghost town? Struggling to attract visitors? You're not alone. Many businesses face the challenge of low website traffic, but there's a powerful solution: blogging. With expert copywriting, you can transform your site into a bustling hub of activity, driving traffic and generating leads.

Blogging isn't just a buzzword; it's a powerful tool for driving traffic and generating leads. Here are some compelling statistics that highlight the impact of blogging on businesses:

  1. Boost in Website Traffic: Adding a blog to your existing website can increase traffic by up to 434% (Techjury). This is because blogs increase the number of indexed pages on your site, which search engines love.
  2. Lead Generation: Companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month compared to those that don't blog (HubSpot Blog). This makes blogging an essential strategy for attracting and converting potential customers.
  3. Consumer Engagement: 77% of internet users read blogs regularly (Techjury). This shows that blogs are a preferred source of information, providing an excellent way to engage with your audience.
  4. Improved SEO: Websites with active blogs have 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages, which significantly boosts their search engine rankings (HubSpot Blog) (Techjury).
  5. Brand Awareness and Credibility: 70% of consumers prefer learning about a company through articles rather than ads (Techjury). Blogs help establish authority and build trust with your audience.
  6. Marketing Strategy: 59% of marketers find blogging valuable, and 53% use it as a key part of their content marketing strategy (HubSpot Blog). Blogging helps in nurturing leads, attracting new clients, and converting them into customers.
  7. Content Longevity: Unlike social media posts, blog content has a long lifespan. Quality blog posts continue to attract traffic long after they are published. I've got posts 12+ years old that still bring in regular visitors to my sites. 

These statistics demonstrate the substantial power of blogging for businesses. By investing in a blog copywriter, you can leverage these advantages, ensuring your content is engaging, SEO-optimised, and perfectly aligned with your brand's voice. 

But There's Just One Problem...

Blogging can be tough:

  • Time: You’re busy running your business. Who has time to write regular blog posts?
  • Skills: Writing isn't everyone's cup of tea, and SEO can feel like a foreign language (Okay, it is a foreign language)
  • Overwhelm: Learning and mastering blogging can be overwhelming. I know, because I've been where you are. And most importantly, came out the other side! 

Imagine trying to bake a soufflé in a microwave. It’s not going to rise to the occasion, just like your DIY blog posts.

The Solution: Me. Let Me be your Blog Copywriter a.k.a

The Benefits of Hiring Me as Your Blog Copywriter

Time-Saving Magic

Running a business is demanding. Finding time to write engaging blog posts is nearly impossible. That's where I come in.

Imagine your blog filling up with top-notch content, and you haven't lifted a finger. It's like having a personal chef – but for your website.

 You focus on what you do best, while I whip up delightful posts that keep your audience coming back for seconds.

Expertise That Works Wonders

Writing isn't just putting words on paper. It's an art and a science.

My 20 years of experience mean I know how to weave words that captivate and convert.

Think of me as your literary alchemist, turning simple ideas into gold.

Your blog will not only engage readers but also climb search engine rankings. Remember, the right words can work wonders.

SEO Mastery

SEO might sound like sorcery, but it’s essential for online visibility.

I blend keywords seamlessly into your content, ensuring it ranks high on search engines. It's like having a map to buried treasure – but instead of gold, you find increased traffic and leads.

No need for you to learn the ins and outs of SEO; I've got it covered.

Consistency Without the Stress

Consistency is key in blogging, but keeping up can be stressful.

With me on board, you get regular, high-quality posts without the headache.

It’s like having a steady stream of fresh bread delivered to your doorstep – warm, inviting, and always on time. You’ll never have to worry about your blog going stale again.

Hiring me as your blog copywriter means saving time, leveraging expertise, mastering SEO, and enjoying consistent content.

Let’s transform your blog into a traffic-driving powerhouse. Contact me today and watch your website flourish!

Customer Testimonials

By following Sarah's blogging coaching I grew my first website from zero visitors to over 3,000 visitors in just over 30 days. I grew my email list from zero to over 1,000 and my online sales from zero to over £25,000. All in 1 month! I've since gone on to sell over £1.5 million in sales coaching in 10 years. This is 100% down to Sarah's influence as the No1 Blogging and online visibility coach in the world! Hire her if you want online success!

Paul Atherton, Sales Coach

Great to work with! My first attempt at blogging and your agency did the posts, interacted with me and advised each step of the way.

John Gard, Total Office Team

Learning from the best...Sarah and since then I’ve done more with Sarah. Improved my writing. Got loads of opportunities because of blogging and clients too and when inspiration left me or I pretended it did, Sarah had the cure. Her ability to refocus you to write and share your magic and do the technical bits without it being painful is a gift worth experiencing.

I ended up blogging in HuffPo and now have my own column in offline and glossy magazine. (Soul & Spirit)

If you think blogging is just start a blog and it will be enough, that was me and until I met Sarah many moons ago and learned and got coached ... as she helped me make my blogging journey magic, and it still is!!!

Sarupa Shah, Manifesting Coach

What Sarah doesn't know about blogging isn't worth knowing! She shares her knowledge generously, and I always come away feeling re-inspired and full of ideas for content to produce. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her if you are looking for help with either website or blogging help. 

Jane Travis, Therapist

Let's Talk About Me for a Moment...

About Sarah Arrow: Blog Copywriter Extraordinaire

Meet Sarah Arrow, the Sherlock Holmes of blog copywriting – minus the deerstalker hat but with all the deductive brilliance, and the uncanny way of using 3rd person to talk about herself. With 20 years of experience, Sarah has mastered the art of turning bland, boring and blah websites into captivating content conversion hubs.

The Early Days

Sarah's journey into the world of words began during her maternity leave. Fed up with watching Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen flounce around the TV screen, she decided it was time for a change. Swapping nappies for notebooks, she embarked on a mission to help businesses find their voice online. Her first triumph? Helping her husband's local courier company’s blog deliver results faster than their express service.

The Secret Sauce

What’s her secret? A blend of wit, wisdom, and a sprinkle of SEO magic. Sarah doesn’t just write; she crafts narratives that engage, inform, and convert. She’s like a literary alchemist, turning keywords into captivating stories. When she’s not writing, she’s probably thinking about writing – or enjoying a can of Coke Zero (the real writer’s fuel).

The Human Touch

Sarah believes in the power of personality. Her blog posts aren’t just SEO-optimised; they’re filled with character. She has an uncanny ability to channel the unique voice of each brand, making readers feel like they’re having a conversation with a trusted friend. Need a post about cloud computing to sound as exciting as a blockbuster movie? She’s your go-to blog copywriter.

Fun Facts

  • Hobby: Collecting quirky cats. Each one has a story, much like her blog posts. Secretly watching Bridgerton and Ted Lasso and wondering if she can write a mashup of these two series and turn it into a marketing lesson... 
  • Superpower: Channelling her inner Dickens with long sentences, on her own blog of course.
  • Philosophy: “Writing is like cooking. You need the right ingredients, a bit of love, and the patience to get it just right.”

Why Choose Sarah?

Sarah’s writing doesn’t just fill space – it builds bridges between businesses and their customers. With her on your team, expect traffic spikes, engaged readers, and a lot of virtual high-fives.

In a nutshell, Sarah Arrow is the blog copywriter who’ll make your content shine, your SEO soar, and your competitors green with envy. Ready to transform your blog? Sarah’s keyboard is poised and ready!

Let's Do it !

It's time to get serious now. You get to choose:

Option 1: Stay where you are, and achieve the same old-same old. Nothing wrong with this, but there's nothing right with it either. 

Option 2: Channel your inner-tiger and book a call with Sarah and together you can make your content roar!

Blogging Ideas Innovative Posting When You Draw a Blank

Faqs About Blog Copywriting

Why should I hire a blog copywriter instead of writing my own posts?

Hiring a blog copywriter saves you time and ensures professional, engaging content. With my expertise, your posts will attract more readers and rank higher on search engines. It's like having a skilled chef prepare your meals – you get quality results without the hassle.

How do I know the content will match my brand's voice?

Before writing, I take the time to understand your brand’s personality, tone, and goals. We’ll have a detailed discussion to ensure I capture your unique voice. Think of me as a tailor, crafting bespoke content that fits your brand perfectly. If your brand doesn't have a voice, we'll craft something warm and persuasive and see how your audience feels about it. And then adapt it. 

Isn't hiring a copywriter expensive?

Consider hiring a copywriter an investment. Quality content drives traffic, increases leads, and boosts conversions. The return on investment can far outweigh the initial cost. Plus, with more time to focus on your business, the value is undeniable.

How do you handle SEO?

I incorporate SEO best practices into every post. From keyword research to optimising meta descriptions, I ensure your content is search-engine-friendly. It’s like having a guide who knows the shortcuts to the top of search results. I won't write spam. Not even if you ask me too. And believe me, people ask. But not you. I know you won't ask me to write spam. 

Will I have control over the topics and content?

Absolutely! I'll do the research and come back with a list of ideas. You choose from the list of what your audience is looking for. You have full control over the topics, style, and direction of your blog. We’ll collaborate closely to ensure each post aligns with your vision. It’s a partnership where your input shapes the final product.

How do I measure the success of the blog posts?

Success can be measured through increased website traffic, higher search engine rankings, and more engagement from readers. I provide regular updates and analytics to show how your blog is performing. It’s like having a personal trainer tracking your progress.

What if I'm not happy with the content?

 Most people are very happy with the quality of their content. Your satisfaction is my priority. Because my clients are thorough in providing their audience profiles, brand voice etc, complaints and revisions are rare.  If you’re not happy with any post, I'll revise it to ensure it meets your brief.

Why hire a blog copywriter and not a "normal" copywriter?

A blog copywriter specialises in creating content that engages readers, boosts SEO, and drives traffic over time. Unlike a general copywriter who may excel in various formats, a blog copywriter understands the nuances of blogging, including audience engagement, keyword integration, and content consistency. It's like hiring a pastry chef to bake your wedding cake instead of a general cook – you get expertise tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your blog is both deliciously engaging and strategically effective.

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