6 Blog Posts That Bring Traffic and Social Proof

Do you want more blog traffic and social shares? Do you want to stop hiding your social share buttons as you're worried they might look lame? In this blog post, we'll cover the 6 types of content that will bring you the traffic and social proof that you crave.

Have you ever heard the phrase “givers gain”? Or maybe you've heard of the Oprah Effect?  Promoting other people and services relevant to your market will diversify your blog content and grow your traffic, shares and influence. You can use these posts to increase your web presence and position yourself by association – What's not to love?

So let's get stuck in…

1. People-to-Follow Posts

If I said I had a post that would take three weeks to write would you be interested? No?

If I said the post would generate at least 1,000 social shares? Would that change your mind? The annual people to follow post on Birds on the Blog gets in excess of 75,000 visitors in the first 3 days, and well over 5,000 social shares. That's a post worth writing, isn't it!

Create a list of some of the influential people in your niche.  This type of content I find works best in a list format – ie 100 people to follow on Twitter in the Blogging niche or Top 100 UK bloggers, however, you are not obligated to make it a list. Each number on the people-to-follow post should have a mini-biography, a description as to why you find them interesting and worth following.

Remember to add links to their website, social media profiles, and events, so your audience can connect with them.

You can also create a Twitter list of the people you've profiled and invite your readers to follow that list. If it's blogging, pull all the feeds into Feedly and share that with your readers as well.

2. Interview Posts

With the boom of social media, an increasing number of celebrities are willing to give blog interviews, even if such blogs have a small and specialized audience. Use this trend to your advantage and try to persuade an influencer to give you an interview. What's the worst they can say? No? I've found most influential people are happy to do a text interview via their PR agency, and they'll even supply the images for you.

You've more chance of getting an interview with an elusive influencer if they have something to promote, and you include the links to it in your post. Sometimes you'll find you can get a phone interview and then add the audio content to your blog – mixing media will simply give your audience more options to choose from.

3. Profile Posts

Profile posts focus on a public figure or an influential person in your niche. These are relatively easy to put together and if you contact the person's PR you'll find that you'll get a lot of information that will help you write the profile. Remember to notify the people you write about via phone, email, or social media so they can share the article with their Facebook and Twitter followers.

Remember to optimise your post so your profile can be found in the search engines.

This type of post is popular on business blogs as it gives credibility by association. Out of all the post types listed here, I've found this the least effective for social shares.

4. Crowd-Sourced Posts

Another powerful blog post idea is to write the so-called crowd-sourced post. These articles bring several influencers together to answer a single question in a few words. Make sure to get at least three people answering your questions, so that each can write about 100 words on your topic.

Alternatively, if you have a busy forum, Facebook group, or blog you can ask your fans, followers, and customers to give tips on a certain topic. This works really well for those new bloggers looking to get established quickly.

5. Quote Posts

The audience loves to read quotes from famous people, and they don't all have to be Winston Churchill and Einstein to grab your audience's attention. Pull together a list of quotes from multiple influencers on the same subject or invite a quote on a specific topic.

Be sure to notify the influencers that you have quoted so they can spread the word about your post. Accompany the quotes with suitable and appealing images so they can be pinned on Pinterest and shared via social media. Again, make sure you optimise the post well and if it was my post, I'd mention the word “quotes” in the headline as readers often search for quotes on specific topics.

6. Best-of-the-Week Posts

AKA the weekly round-up or wrap post. These posts work best when done on a regular basis and contain a series of links with an explanation of why they're worth reading. These posts often bring in new readers and social shares thus growing your audience that bit more, but it's something that has to be done on a regular basis in order to gain momentum. If you don't gain momentum with these, then they just won't work. Don't rely on your blog being able to notify the person you've linked to, send them a message via Twitter and let them know you've mentioned them.

You want more traffic and social proof on your blog posts, then you know what to do. The real question is which one will you try first?


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