Linking to Others in Your Blog Post A common way to improve SEO and ultimately blog traffic, as well as interest, is to link to others in your blog posts. However, in the last

Yay! You've Joined ClubhouseYou're listening in, participating and doing all the things you need to do, but your followers are not growing. It's time to look at your Clubhouse Bio. Your bio is where

I have lost count of the times when teaching a blogging seminar that one of the audiences tells me you are not allowed to sell in a blog post, and you must never use

If you have lunch with writers, you’ll come away feeling insecure about your writing and fearing misplaced apostrophes. If you have lunch with SEO experts you’ll want to do more with your SEO, and

The other day I posted about the biggest blogging fear I see as marketing coach: the fear of writing poorly. Today I’m going to talk about the other side of that fear; everyone will

Yeah me too. But your blog's sidebar is not a dumping ground for things you don't know what to do with like random menus and old logos. Think carefully what will be attractive to

Woo Hoo!  You’ve decided to blog. You’ve set up your site, added a header, followed all the instructions in my blogging guide and now you are hesitant. You know you have to write something, but

There is a whole group of people blogging on the internet who feel insecure. I understand that because once upon a time, I was like that too. They feel that no one will read

When you first start blogging you can get quite desperate for comments; you want to be heard. You take your post and you promote like crazy, on every single social media platform you can

  As blogging FAQs go, this one isn’t as common as the others I've mentioned in the series,  but it’s one of the hardest to overcome. How will I make money if I give