Blogging Ethics – The Finer Points to Keep You on Track

Hello, dear readers! Let's dive right into an exciting and super crucial topic – blogging ethics. We’ll be talking about things like being open about sponsorships, protecting and respecting original work, and managing those tricky comments with grace. Buckle up!

Blogging: It's Not Just a Diary Anymore

Once upon a time, blogs were merely online diaries, a space to pour out our thoughts and experiences. But today? We've come a long way! Blogs are now influential platforms that reach out to a global audience. With great power comes great responsibility, and that's precisely where blogging ethics come in.

What’s In a Blog's Ethics, You Ask?

Just as ‘good manners cost nothing,' good ethics in blogging are priceless too. We're not just bloggers; we're digital citizens who have a responsibility to our readers and the broader internet community. Ethical blogging sets a positive ripple effect across the web – it's all about trust, respect, and authenticity.

Show and Tell: Sponsorships in the Open

Sponsorships – a nifty way to monetize your blog. But here’s the deal – you can’t keep it a secret. I've seen far too many bloggers take a hit because they weren't upfront about it. Remember the fiasco with the fashion blogger who promoted weight-loss supplements without disclosing her hefty paycheck? Ouch!

So, how do we avoid such a pickle? By being transparent. Let your readers know when you're sponsored or promoting a product. A simple disclaimer works wonders. It builds trust and shows you value your readers' faith in you. Also, as readers – assume the relationship. There's nothing sinister about sponsorship or promoting, so if it's not clear assume that they're getting paid somehow. If that taints how you perceive what is being recommended, then don't buy it. On this site, you know that I use affiliate links. You also know I have a training academy for digital marketing skills, and you know I do the Business Blogging Challenge. There are no big secrets. And it feels nicer that way.

Not Yours to Take: Plagiarism and the Respect for Originality

No one likes a copycat, especially in the blogging world. If I had a £ for everything that I'd done, and someone else had lifted there would be no blog here as I'd be lounging outside my Miami mansion! Oh wait… I need the blog so people could still copy me. I take it back, if I had a £ for everything that had been nicked, I'd still be here but getting minted. Plagiarism and copyright infringement aren't just ethically wrong, they're legal no-nos. Remember the blogger who was sued for using images without permission? No? Not a week goes by where someone isn't complaining in a Facebook group about the letter they've received about their copyright infringement.

Keep things kosher by always citing your sources and using original content as much as possible. A hat tip to the creator with a link back to their work is a small step, but it carries a lot of weight in terms of respect and integrity.

Let’s Chat: Dealing with Negative Comments

Ah, the inevitable criticism. Every blogger faces it at some point. But remember, it’s how you respond that truly matters. I once saw a blogger lash out at a commenter, and believe me, it wasn't pretty. In fact, once upon a time, fights in the comments were a common thing. Now, not so much.

So, what's the answer to nasty comments? Respond with grace. Encourage a dialogue. Foster a safe space for your readers to express themselves. This not only helps diffuse the negativity but also builds a positive, respectful community around your blog.

Keeping Your Blog Ethically Spick and Span

By now, we’ve walked through the minefields of sponsorships, plagiarism, and handling negative comments. The take-away? Stay transparent, respect original work, and handle criticism with grace.

Ethical blogging isn’t just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have. As bloggers, we need to uphold the highest standards to ensure that we're setting the right example and creating a positive impact.

We've talked about some serious stuff here, but remember, every challenge we face as bloggers is an opportunity to grow and learn. It's an ongoing journey, so let's keep striving to make our corner of the internet a better place.

To wrap it up, remember that your blog is not just a platform; it's a responsibility. Handle it with care, and you'll create a space that's not only successful but also respected and loved by readers far and wide.

Happy blogging!



Sarah & Kevin Arrow

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