Blogging FAQS: I can’t guest post anywhere

Guest posting is seen as the miracle pill that cures all blogging ills. Got no traffic? Guest post… Got no subscribers? Guest post… Got no inbound links? Guest post… but like everything else in life guest blogging takes a bit of work. A lot of work actually, but pretend I never wrote that. You might be thinking that it's impossible to get a guest post, and that you cannot get a guest post anywhere. I understand.

If you want to guest post start with your friends.

Your friends are the most giving and forgiving people you will ever be connected to. They’ll help you with your grammar, your images, and how to write for their reader.

If your friend's blog then the chances are you’ve discussed all your blogging fears with them. They know all about your mean comments, they understand what it feels like when you say you have no idea what a terrabang is and where you would put it. Your friends that blog know all this and have their own fears surrounding many blogging myths. This means that you can talk to them about guest blogging and pitch them a post that isn’t likely to get rejected. That’s what we are fearing here: rejection.

Your guest post for a friend will be your best guest post ever.

If you replay in your mind every conversation about blogging you’ve ever had with her, you’ll know all about her audience and what she’s trying to achieve with her blog. That means your very first guest post will speak directly to that audience. It means you know the readers, where they come from and you know what their problems, their pain points, are. You have the tactical advantage and you should use it.

Your first guest post isn’t about traffic or building awesome links; it’s about confidence. It’s about someone believing in you enough to get you guest posting. It’s about leveraging your connections and deepening the relationship.

Don't have any blogging friends? Then join the 30-Day Blogging Challenge community and make some!

It's time to stop the pity-party and focus on your contacts and how to guest post for them.

Once you’ve got some guest blogging confidence then by all means go and pitch some other bloggers in your niche. You’ll have a published guest post to show them and then you can start building a relationship and finding out more about their blog in order to target your next post that speaks directly to their audience. It always, always, always helps if you are known to the blogger before you pitch to them.

  • Comment on their posts
  • Share their work
  • Subscribe to their newsletter
  • Study their content and their audience
  • Look for an opportunity

This method may not be the fastest method to guest blogging success, but let me reassure you – slow and steady will win out for you.

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