Here's a less common but head-scratching FAQ in our blogging series:

“How on earth will I make money if I'm handing out great advice like free biscuits?”

When you're blogging for business, it's like being a mind reader. You've got to understand your potential customers' fears and present your product as the knight in shining armour. You need to empathise with their worries, discuss potential solutions, and then subtly hint that your product is the superhero they've been waiting for. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite.

Some bloggers are afraid that by solving problems for free, they're handing over the keys to their business kingdom. But really, they're just hiding their expertise under a bushel. Let’s face it: I dish out tips, tricks, and techniques on this site that you could easily do yourself. But be honest, how many have you actually put into practice?

That's right, probably not many.

You’re armed to the teeth with knowledge about SEO, maximising social shares, crafting delicious meta descriptions, and becoming a Canva wizard. Yet, those tricks are still sitting in your ‘MAybe When There's Another Pandemic' file.

Why? Maybe you're strapped for time, doubting your skills, or just unsure whether to take the plunge. These are common blogging fears, and guess what? Your customers are bobbing in the same boat. If you show you can do what they can't, then your call to action – offering to do it for them for a modest fee – becomes irresistible.

This is how a call to action morphs from a whisper in the wind to a customer magnet. Giving away advice doesn’t mean you're giving away the farm. In fact, you'll find that this kind of blog content is a lead-generating powerhouse.

But wait, I don’t want your comments on this post. I don’t even want you to share it. What I really want is for you to scoot off and write a post dishing out some golden advice for your readers. Then, if you fancy, come back and drop a link to your masterpiece here. I’d be thrilled to share it with my social circle.

See, sharing advice isn’t just generous; it’s savvy business strategy. It improves your SEO, as fellow bloggers link to your wisdom. It boosts your credibility and brings in fresh readers when people share your content. And, ultimately, it helps line your pockets.

So what are you waiting for? Go on, sprinkle some of your knowledge into the blogging universe and watch your business grow!

Sarah x


Sarah & Kevin Arrow

Sarah and Kevin Arrow have been in the thick of the online marketing world since 2006, and they're buzzing to share their know-how right here with you! If you're keen to get noticed, they're the experts you'll want to talk to. Why not schedule a call or send them a quick message? They're all ears and can't wait to hear from you!

  • OK, I am going to ignore your request and leave a comment. And I am going to sit in a darkened room and think of what the advice is that I could give to my readers. And I am going to fail, because I can’t think of anything.

    Well that is not absolutely true, of course. But I surely don’t want to write for the seven people I could explain something to. I know this is going to come across as flippant, but it is not. It’s a real problem.

  • I know I give the kitchen sink away, but it’s never been a fear of mine. Truthfully, you gotta give a little before you get, even down to simple conversations. I learned from a young age that time really is money and I’ve always been willing to go the distance. I’ve gotten a lot of big returns in the end.

  • Sarah,
    This is my 3rd attempt to leave a comment.
    If you promise to help someone by either doing it for them or guiding them to do it for them self, many people will gladly opt in to what you are offering.
    Dr. Erica

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