Blogging Ideas: Encourage Your Audience

blogging ideas encourage your audience

When your audience wants something, it’s never “just because.” There’s always a reason behind why they decided to start or change something or quit something. By showing your readers the motivation behind their decision, you can give them the inner strength to keep going.

Encouraging your reader to continue with their plans and birth their goals and dreams is powerful content. You can add a twist to the case study and share a client's journey to achieving their goals. You can talk about how they overcome their hurdles and adapted their mindset so they could continue.

Sometimes your audience will need encouragement to take the next logical step for growth. There could be all kinds of issues stopping them, and gentle encouragement can help them. This might be through examples of your own journey.

It could be the story of the people who encourage you. For me, I'm always grateful to have Kevin by my side. He's been my encourager and motivation in all that I do. When I'm stuck and he says “You'll work it out” his belief that I can find the answer and implement it is unwavering. Occasionally, it's been the only thing to get me through whatever it is.

I've been tempted to quit and get a job more times than I care to remember. Entrepreneurship is hard. Working for someone else is easy – you don't have the burden of the big problems and you have holiday pay and sick pay.  When I have moments of self-doubt, it's always Kevin with his encouragement that reminds me as entrepreneurs we can do whatever we want. The 4-day workweek is our reality rather than a dream.

You can empower your audience by teaching them how to locate their inner motivation. For example, it might be breaking bad spending habits and getting control of their finances to build a better future for their kids. Their kids are their motivation in this scenario.

Format for this Type of Content

Video, audio, live stream… You name the format and it works for this type of post.

Calls to Action For This Type of Content

It's as easy as…

If you want a “Kevin” for your business, to support and encourage you then book in a call here.

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