Unleashing Creativity with Google's Help: A Guide to Finding Fresh Content Ideas

Ever felt like you're running out of ideas for your next blog post or article? Worry not! While your brain might occasionally hit a creative roadblock, Google is an ever-flowing fountain of inspiration. Let's dive into how you can use this tech giant to spark your imagination and keep your content fresh and engaging.

Google: Your Creative Sidekick

Think of Google as a helpful sidekick in your quest for content ideas. You might type in a phrase, and voila, Google suggests a plethora of related topics. It's like having a brainstorming buddy who never runs out of suggestions. And no, I'm not talking about the AI tools in Google. I'm talking about the search engine aspect of thing!

The Magic of Search Suggestions

For instance, type “working out for…” into Google, and you'll see a range of suggestions: from ‘working out for mental health' to ‘working out for new mums'. It's a simple yet effective way to gauge what people are interested in and searching for.

Tweaking Your Search for More Ideas

Alter your search slightly, like changing ‘for' to ‘as' in “working out as…”, and you'll discover a whole new world of ideas, such as “working out as a coping mechanism”. It's fascinating how a small tweak can lead you down a rabbit hole of fresh content ideas.

This technique a powerful blog post research method too!

Beyond Google: Other Treasure Troves

While Google is a goldmine, don't forget other platforms like Amazon and Etsy. They're like bustling marketplaces brimming with ideas and insights into what people are currently interested in and are paying for. That's right, when people go to Amazon or Etsy to search they're looking to buy something. Here you're most likely to find buying keywords.

YouTube and TikTok are also good places to look for inspiration.

Keyword Tools: Your Secret Weapon

Using a free or paid keyword tool is like having a map to hidden treasure. Keep drilling down into phrases, and you'll uncover topics that can give your content a new direction. It's a bit of detective work, but for words! I love RankAtom for this.

Good luck, and remember inspiration for content is never too far from where you are!

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