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Blogging Ideas: Share the Books

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blogging ideas share the books

Whatever your niche is, someone will probably have a book about it. Do some research to locate the best books that focus on your niche or some aspect of your niche topic.

Write up a post talking about how you think it’s helpful to your audience. You can create a direct link to wherever the book is sold. The reason you want to do this is the book will act as a keyword that will draw in your readers.

They’ll see you’re talking about the same stuff the book is and they’ll stick around to learn from you. If you can find indie (self-published) authors, they may be willing to be interviewed about the book, too. When I looked after Birds on the Blog, we found authors were happy to be interviewed and share their writing stories. Publishers would also contact me with content to help promote their authors.

And if Steven Pressfield is reading this, I'm still your biggest fan… Contact me 🙂

What Format Is Best For This Type Of Content?

You've heard of gear lists, a book list is just the same but with books! You can also have the author interviews linked to the list as well.

What Call To Action For This Type Of Content

Buy the book (simple yet effective).

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