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Being positive is a good thing. Unless it’s not the whole truth. Showing the hard work all the time sends people running for the hills. Look at your content… Are you only showing one side of the story? The truth is that every niche has a side to it that’s negative or positive. Post about this. Talk about scams to avoid, roadblocks to watch out for, the guidance they need to ignore and so on.

For example, if you’re in the diet niche, you’ll want to talk about the dangers of extreme diets that can harm their health. Or, the things that get overlooked by the health gurus that help get amazing results.

It's the contrast to your usual content that you're looking for. Remember to end the post with t with how to do it right versus the wrong way.

Content Format for This Type of Content

This topic works for most formats. Personally, I prefer text and images but it will also work really well with video too.

Calls to Action For This Type of Content

Subscribing to your list or channel works well for the other side of the story content.


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