Hello, festive friends and dear regular readers. As the tinsel gets tangled and the fairy lights flicker, a big question jingles in the minds of bloggers: “To blog or not to blog during the holiday season?” Well, strap on your Santa hats and grab a mince pie, because we're about to dive into a Christmas blogging debate!

The Great Holiday Blogging Or Not Blogging Bonanza

Scheduling Content: Think of this as your blogging advent calendar. Behind each door, a pre-written post, ready to surprise your readers! Platforms like WordPress are your little helpers, letting you queue up posts faster than Santa sliding down the chimney. Picture this: You're sipping mulled wine, and poof! your “10 Best Eggnog Recipes” post goes live. Magic!

Automating Your Cheer: MissingLettr is like having your own team of digital elves. Set it up, and watch as it spreads your holiday cheer across social media. It's like sending out a fleet of reindeer, but for your blog posts!

Inclusivity: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Recognising Diversity: Not everyone's decking the halls! Some might just be chilling with Netflix. So, why not write a post about “5 Great Movies for When You're Not Feeling Festive”? It's like giving a digital hug to all your readers, no matter what they're celebrating.

Global Audience, Global Cheer: It's a big world out there, full of different celebrations. Cater to everyone! A post like “Holidays Around the World: From Diwali to Hanukkah” can be a hit. It's like taking your readers on a sleigh ride around the globe!

The Business Side of the North Pole

End-of-Year Purchases: Some folks are looking to splash some cash before the year ends (hello, tax benefits!). If you're in the tech industry, how about a “Top Tech Buys to Wrap Up Your Year”? It's like being Santa for the tech-savvy!

Holiday Offers and Promotions: Running a fitness blog? Launch a “New Year, New You” fitness challenge with a cheeky holiday discount. It's like gifting fitness wrapped in a bow!

Engaging with Your Elves… I Mean, Audience

Holiday Downtime = Prime Blog Time: People have time off, and what better way to spend it than reading your blog? Host a “Festive Photo Contest” or a “Best Holiday Recipe Exchange” on your blog. Have a virtual holiday party!

Holiday Content Ideas for Every Industry

  • Fashion Bloggers: “5 Holiday Party Outfits That Will Turn Heads” – because who doesn't want to look fabulous at the office party?
  • Food Bloggers: “The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Holiday Treats” – because everyone deserves deliciousness!
  • Travel Bloggers: “Cosy Winter Getaways That Won't Break the Bank” – for those dreaming of a white Christmas (or escaping it!).
  • Tech Bloggers: “Gadgets That Make Great Gifts for Tech Lovers” – because who doesn't love unwrapping a gadget?
  • Business Bloggers: “Year-End Reflections: How to Prep Your Business for the New Year” – let's get those entrepreneurial gears turning!

Wrapping It Up (With a Bow!)

So, there you have it, my merry band of bloggers. Blogging over the holidays doesn't have to be a chore, and it's not offensive it's a legitimate way to reach members of your audience who are active when your main readers are not.

It's your chance to spread joy, connect with a diverse audience, and maybe even boost your business a bit.

So, go ahead, sprinkle some holiday spirit onto your blog. After all, 'tis the season to be jolly

Sarah x


Sarah & Kevin Arrow

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