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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing: Building Your Editorial Calendar

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing: Building Your Editorial Calendar

We're taking strides in our content marketing journey, and it's time to conquer a critical stage: building your editorial calendar. From fundamentals to giving your content purpose, we've covered a lot. But now it's all about the plan, the structure, the roadmap.

An editorial calendar isn't just a fancy name for a schedule; it's your content marketing backbone. Let's explore why, and how different industries can tap into this magic, with a special spotlight on using Microsoft Office 365 to make things smooth.

Step 1: Audit Existing Assets

Start with what you've got! From blog posts to ebooks, videos, and more, gather everything. This is where you:

  • Identify gaps: In real estate, for example, you might notice that there's a lack of content on new market trends.
  • Spot repurposing opportunities: A tech company can turn a popular blog post on AI trends into a series of podcasts.

Step 2: Brainstorm Fresh Topics

Bring on fresh ideas! Align them with your strategy and audience needs. Here's how different industries can do this:

  • Healthcare: Weekly wellness tips, monthly healthcare news, and patient testimonials.
  • Education: Course spotlights, student success stories, seasonal study guides.

Step 3: Coordinate with Company Initiatives

Your content should dance in tune with key company events, launches, and campaigns:

  • Retail: Align blogs and videos with seasonal sales and product launches.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Coordinate with fundraising events, awareness campaigns, etc.

Step 4: Schedule in Advance

A well-rounded plan includes both evergreen and time-sensitive content:

  • Finance Industry: Evergreen content on investment basics, quarterly reports on market trends.
  • Tourism Industry: Travel guides (evergreen), seasonal holiday package promotions (time-sensitive).

Step 5: Assign Resources

Content creation is a team sport:

  • Legal Industry: Lawyers can contribute to legal advice blogs; designers can work on infographics.
  • Restaurant Business: Chefs create recipe content, while marketers handle promotion.

Step 6: Integrate Promotion

Don't just create; promote!

  • Automotive Industry: Launch social media campaigns for new car models.
  • Entertainment Industry: Regular email newsletters for upcoming shows and events.

Step 7: Use an Editorial Calendar Tool: Microsoft Office 365

Platforms like Microsoft Office 365 can be a game-changer. Its collaboration and calendar features allow you to:

  • Plan and visualize your content pipeline
  • Collaborate in real-time with writers, designers, and other team members
  • Utilize Excel for a detailed content grid, or Outlook for scheduling reminders

Step 8: Regularly Audit and Adjust

Stay agile and responsive:

  • Fitness Industry: If a particular workout series is hot, add more similar content.
  • Construction Industry: Update content to reflect new regulations and building codes.

Example Essentials for Your Editorial Calendar

Here's a smattering of what can grace your editorial calendar:

  • Monthly industry news roundup post
  • Quarterly sales email sequence (perfect for B2B!)
  • Weekly “top 5” video series (think gadgets, books, places to visit)
  • Product launch content suite (for all the e-commerce heroes)
  • Evergreen pillar posts/pages (like how-tos, guides)

Building Your Editorial Calendar: A Worthy Endeavour

Whew! Building and maintaining an editorial calendar is no small feat, but the dividends are massive. Microsoft Office 365 and these insights are your allies in keeping your efforts focused and consistent.

Ready to share your thoughts or keen to spill some of your ideas? Let's wrap up Day 7 together! Onward, content warrior!

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