When you are running a business, there are just so many different things to do each and every day. Before you know it, the entire week has passed you by and you’ve not had a single moment to even think about marketing your business online. If that sounds like a familiar scenario, you’re certainly not alone. You only have to take a quick look on the web to see how many small businesses have dormant social media profiles or websites that haven’t been updated in years.

If you want to be successful with digital marketing and use it to grow your business, it’s important to find time for digital marketing on a regular basis. If this is something you’re currently struggling with, here are four tips to help you along…

1. Set specific goals and actions

Setting realistic goals and writing down specific actions for achieving them is absolutely critical to your success. You need to get really clear on exactly what you want to achieve from your digital marketing and then think carefully about what actions you are going to take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

digital marketing goals

If you want to take this a stage further, you could also consider creating an editorial calendar to plan out your marketing campaigns and content over the coming months. The secret to achieving your digital marketing goals is to be consistent…

2. Set aside some time each week for digital marketing

Another factor to consider with your digital marketing strategy is the less experience you have, the longer it will take. So factor in things taking a little longer as you develop your skills. Often, investing in a small course or mini-training will help you achieve your goals faster in comparison to wasting hours searching on Google and You Tube. Yes, there's a lot of great content out there, but if you're consuming and not completing your tasks then you're not productive.

digital marketing tips

It is important to set aside a certain number of hours each week to devote specifically to digital marketing. Mark this in your calendar and make sure that you stick to it as much as possible! To help you achieve this, make sure that the time you allocate is manageable in terms of your current schedule.

3. Prioritize your digital marketing strategies

There are so many different digital marketing strategies out there that it can all quickly start to become rather overwhelming. Rather than trying to do everything all at once, you should instead prioritize the specific strategies that you think will be most effective for your business. Focus on doing two or three things really well, rather than trying to do ten things and doing them badly!

Also, stay focused on what you're good at, and your digital marketing goals. Nothing sucks up your time more than chasing down shiny tools and new tactics. If it's not in your digital marketing plan, then don't waste your time on it.

digital marketing elements

4. Outsource your digital marketing

If you’re really struggling to find the time for digital marketing, it might be worth considering outsourcing it to a digital marketing agency or freelancer. Aside from freeing up your time, another benefit to this is that they will bring additional skills and knowledge to the table and help you achieve better results.

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