case study: The Power of Social Media

If you've a luxury, high-end Brand it's easy to think the only social media option for you is advertising. In this case study we share an alternative, longer lasting option compared to ads; audience building.

the client

about the company

Ross Carrington Bespoke is a high-end luxury fashion brand. Owned by young millennial entrepreneur, Dan Chumley, the company is a fusion of modern and traditional tailoring. Chumley himself trained on Savile Row before starting Ross Carrington Bespoke.

the problem

Social Media Not Working...

Ross Carrington Bespoke is a modern fashion brand, and their social media strategy wasn't gaining traction. The audience for the content wasn't responding, and although the content was good it didn't fully reflect the brand and generate the leads.


The Power of Audience Building

After our initial consultation with Dan, we went to brainstorming around the social media content strategy. We looked to what other tailors were sharing, and determined that some of the content being shared wouldn't appeal to those that wore bespoke suits. 

Research indicated that LinkedIn would be the perfect platform to build Dan's audience. It's personal yet professional. With LinkedIn you can connect with specific industries and locations making it perfect for conversations around bespoke tailoring.

The great thing about audience building is you retain your audience, they get to know you, and they become more inclined to recommend and buy from you.

The goal for Ross Carrington Bespoke is visibility and authoritative content over engagement

the solution

Visual Content For the Win!

We have the strategy, the next step was to create the content. Those that like bespoke tailoring are visual people. We decided to create a series of short-form  visual content, branded with a strong call to action whilst simultaneously building the audience. 

Purchasers of luxury items don't interact the same way as other social media users. They watch. Then they reach out in private.

Within 6 weeks the conversations started trickling through. Dan is very proactive and follows up all his leads swiftly. This impeccable response indicates to his prospects that he will look after them.

A year since Dan started working with us he's had several 6 figure months and his order books are full, with plenty of repeat business.

the client

Ross Carrington Bespoke



Luxury, High-End Fashion

the challenge

Low Conversion Rate on Social Media

the solution

Audience Building & Visibility Content

the results

Several 6 figure months.

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