You go out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and you fall in love with your main course. The food just melts in your mouth and the flavours are like a mini-explosion on your tongue. Everything from the smell to the texture was incredible.

You enjoy it so much that a few weeks later you take a friend to the same restaurant to order the same meal.

This time it tastes different and you send it back to the kitchen several times before you start to imagine the meal was a delight in the first instance. Their lack of consistency in how your meal was prepared will now leave doubts in your mind about the restaurant and everything related to it.

Are you ready to be consistent in your coaching business?

Consistency is a key element in your coaching business’ success.  What’s the point of showing up if you only show up when you want something? And of course, how do you feel when you see someone in a community who only shows up and interacts when they want something? It feels pretty shoddy. In fact, you’d feel used. How people feel about your marketing actions makes a real difference to your success.

Of course, there are other important factors in building your coaching practice, but it’s the consistency that will increase brand recognition, the consistency that will grow your email list, the consistency that will grow your audience, and consistency will increase the sales in your business.

Doubt in a customer’s mind generally means you have to rebuild that trust again to show that they should continue doing business with you, eating in your restaurant, or even just opening your emails. It’s not impossible to earn their trust again but you’re having to start from scratch. Just like when your weight loss efforts are shattered during the holiday season and you have to lose those same 5 pounds over and over again.

Working on your business, consistently focusing on superb content and excellent customer service will help to keep your clients happy and trusting in you.

Inconsistent Marketing

Remember this…  You opt-in to get an online course planner. You love it.  You receive a few weekly emails and then nothing. Crickets. Then a month or two later you receive an email from that person again, making an offer to purchase their product. Ouch. How does that lack of consistency make you feel? I’m guessing your first reaction would be, “Who the heck is this person?” You may also wonder why they’re spamming you.

Lack of consistency will cause you to forget why you signed up for their list in the first place. Your leads and prospects… Do they feel the same way about you?

Lack of name recognition generally leads to, “I don’t know who you are so why would I give you my money?” Again, this coach just made it harder to win your heart. Of course, this is her problem, not yours, but it happens to us all unless you plan to be consistent.

Consistency with Your Brand Image

Have you noticed how many marketing mavens there are, each proclaiming to have the answers to earning 6- or 7-figure incomes? If you tried implementing all of their different strategies, you’d be exhausted from keeping up with it all and your audience would be very confused about your overall message.

I recommend that you are known for the one thing, and then radiate outwards. I’m known for blogging and content marketing. Blogging is the foundation of all social media activities. You get this right, everything else is easy. I talk about blogging a lot, as part of a content marketing strategy, and I’m consistent in showing up here.

When it comes to branding, consistency, and repetition will help develop name recognition. If you always wear clothes that match your website colors, people will make the connection. If your trademark is a blue stripe in your hair, don’t go changing it to fire engine red; your followers won’t recognise you! Take this piece of advice from the redhead who became a brunette in the summer…

Be consistent with your brand image, colors, and message, both online and offline so you’re always trusted and your sales flow consistently from social media into your business.


Because the alternative is a lot of money wasted on advertising!

Need some help with this? Check out this program and make the changes you need to be consistent.


Sarah Arrow

With over 20 years of experience, Sarah Arrow (me!) knows the ins and outs of effective blog writing, which is why she makes her excellent at website copywriting, or, as a blog copywriter. My expertise ensures your blog will captivate readers and deliver your message effectively. Experience? This spans various industries, giving me a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. This extensive background means she can adapt her writing to fit your specific needs and audience.

Ready to elevate your website or blog? I am the writer you need. My experience, skill, and passion for online writing make me the perfect choice for your blog copywriting needs. Contact me today and see the difference a professional content writer can make.

What Sets Me Apart?
Human Touch: My writing resonates on a personal level. I understand human psychology and use this to create content that connects.
Attention to Detail: Every post is detailed. Grammar, style, and accuracy are important in my work.
Consistency: I deliver high-quality content consistently, ensuring your website blog remains fresh and engaging.

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