We often get stuck in the rut of churning out the same kind of content repeatedly. It might be a 500-word how-to article for many of us. While this style of content has its merit, it should not be the sole type of content gracing your blog.

Presenting an array of content types will help you captivate a larger audience and keep them returning for more. It also lets you discern what resonates with your audience best, enabling you to deliver more of the same.

So, here are 15 diverse content formats your readers are bound to love…

  1. Tutorials:

These are the conventional “how to” content. Consider penning a brief 500-word article or delve into an in-depth 1500-word tutorial. For example, “Master The Art Of Origami In Five Easy Steps.”

  1. Tips:

Provide variety with tips; one day it could be a single impactful tip of around 50 to 100 words, and another day, a compilation of 10, 20, or 50 tips on a topic. For instance, “Five Proven Ways To Boost Your Savings This Year.”

  1. Lists:

Everyone enjoys lists. Create useful lists about resources, tips, common errors, and more. Something like, “The Ultimate Camping Gear Checklist.”

  1. FAQs:

Collect commonly asked questions and answer them. Source these questions from your audience, online platforms like Quora, or emails you receive. For instance, “The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Living: Your Questions Answered!”

  1. Videos:

Text content is great, but videos often drive more engagement. Create different styles of videos like talking head videos, slide-share presentations, or product demos. “The Comprehensive Guide To Installing A Kitchen Sink” could be a good starting point.

  1. Audios:

People love podcasts and other audio content. From language pronunciation guides to walking tours of popular destinations, audio content has endless possibilities. Try, “The Thrilling Audio Tour Of The Grand Canyon.” These are easily embedded into your blog post along with your show notes.

  1. Checklists:

Checklists are fantastic tools to guide your audience through complex tasks. They might include steps to complete a task or items required for it. An example could be, “The Essential Checklist for First-Time Home Buyers.”

  1. Templates:

Templates can simplify tasks for your readers. They can be text-based or multimedia like design templates. “The Ultimate Business Proposal Template” could be an ideal offering.

  1. Buyer’s Guides:

Buyer's guides are instrumental when promoting certain products. They assist readers in selecting the best product for their needs. Consider something like, “The Gamer’s Guide to Choosing The Perfect Gaming Laptop.”

  1. Multipart Courses:

Multipart courses ensure repeat visits to your blog. Present one step, tip, or tool per lesson to make the information more digestible. For instance, “Seven Steps to Becoming A Pro At Photoshop.”

  1. Case Studies:

Case studies provide insights into the effectiveness of a specific strategy or product. For example, “How I Doubled My Blog Traffic In Six Months: A Case Study.”

  1. Product Reviews:

Product reviews are helpful for users and potentially profitable for you. “A First Look at the New iPhone Model – Is It Worth The Upgrade?” could be a great piece.

  1. Interviews:

Interviews can be with experts in your niche or you could be the subject of the interview. They can be text-based, video, or audio interviews. An example could be, “An Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver.”

  1. Infographics:

Infographics are perfect for sharing complex processes or data-heavy information in a visually appealing manner. For instance, “An Infographic Detailing The Global Coffee Consumption Trends.” Mmmm… Coffeee

  1. Industry News:

Curate industry news and elucidate its implications for your readers. If a new tech gadget is released that's related to your niche, share the news and explain its benefits and drawbacks.

So, there you have it! 15 diverse content formats that your audience is sure to love.

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Sarah x
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