Last week I found out that my passport had expired during the pandemic. As we were unable to travel, we didn't notice that it was no longer valid and it didn't matter. However, an influencer booked us for a VIP day to put her email marketing strategy together, and we're going to Jersey (Channel Islands) to work with her. So I thought no problem I can renew the passport online, if I even need a passport because Jersey part of the British isles, I shouldn't need it… And that's where it all went wrong thanks to the content experience. I couldn't establish if I needed a passport or not, the language wasn't clear. I spent 45 minutes going around in circles on the government website, and in the end, I had to ask on social media to find out that I didn't need a passport but I did need a photo ID.

The government forgot that content offers more than just information and help. It offers an experience.

When a visitor lands on your blog or social media presence, they’re looking for something more than just specific information. If you can give them exactly what they’re looking for, you’ll create a great overall experience, and they’ll keep coming back for more. Here are the reasons why you should create content with the user experience in mind:

7 reasons why you should care about your readers content experience

1.More Conversions

Giving your audience a great experience through your content results in more conversions for you. Whatever it is you’d like your audience to do at your site, whether it’s signing up for your list, leave a comment, or buy, it’s more likely to happen if the experience is valuable.

2.Better SEO

One of the elements of content design is to plan your navigation so it’s as easy to use and consume as possible. This also results in better SEO as Google rewards sites that are easy to use. Because you’ll attract more visitors and keep them there longer with the value of your content, you'll start to grow the right audience to grow your business.

3.Build Brand Awareness

Since the user experience makes your material easier to consume and more effective at meeting users’ needs, it will boost your brand awareness. When people find the information that you offer useful, they’re more likely to share and tell others about it, which will bring even more people to your site.

4.Your Audience Will Trust You

One of the main objectives of content marketing is to demonstrate your expertise in your niche. If you can do this successfully, your audience will come to see you as a trusted source of help for their problems. Good design and high-quality content will help ensure you do this.

5.Create Authentic Relationships with Your Audience

Success online depends on strong relationships. If you offer a great experience through your content, your readers will feel good about you and your brand. They will feel seen and know that you’re there just for them. This goes a long way in building a trusting relationship that will turn them from random visitors into long-term brand advocates.

6.Content Experience is Cost-Effective

It takes a great deal of time and effort to create content. If you take a little time to consider creating a great experience, you’ll get more mileage out of each piece you produce, which lowers your costs in terms of time and effort.

7.Offer the Best User Experience Possible

You can offer a great experience by utilizing the best practices of content design. Content design involves creating content not just to educate, inform, and entertain, but also to play a role in the journey your audience member has with your brand. By designing each piece with a holistic point of view, you’ll create content that’s more effective in achieving your goals.

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