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The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide: Creating a Content Series

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Ahoy, content enthusiasts! We've made it to Day 25 of our content marketing odyssey, and the anticipation is mounting. Can you believe there's only a week left? The seas we've sailed include strategy, distribution, keywords, and now, we're heading toward the intriguing world of “Creating a Content Series.” Intrigued? So am I! Let's dive in.

Choose an Evergreen Primary Topic

Why Go Evergreen?

An evergreen topic is like that favourite jumper you have; it never goes out of style. This ensures that your content series remains relevant and continues to attract visitors long after its initial publication.

How to Select an Evergreen Topic

  1. Identify Your Audience's Pain Points: What are the questions that keep popping up? Address those in your series.
  2. Consider Your Expertise: Choose a topic where you can offer unique insights.

Plan the Posts and Sequence

Mapping the Journey

Creating a series is like planning a road trip; you need to know where you're going and the sights you'll see along the way.

Steps to Plan Your Sequence

  1. Break Down the Main Topic: Divide your broad topic into subtopics to create individual posts.
  2. Decide the Number of Posts: Determine how many posts will complete the series.
  3. Arrange Logically: Make sure the order makes sense and leads the reader through a coherent journey.

Number and Link the Series

Keeping It Organised

Think of this as leaving breadcrumbs for your readers to follow.

How to Number and Link

  1. Title Sequentially: Numbering helps readers keep track.
  2. Include Links: Linking to the next and previous posts keeps readers engaged and provides easy navigation.

Release on a Consistent Cadence

The Rhythm of Your Series

Releasing your series on a consistent schedule builds anticipation and trust with your readers.

Setting Your Cadence

  1. Choose a Frequency: Weekly, biweekly, or monthly—what suits your content and audience?
  2. Communicate the Schedule: Let your readers know when they can expect the next installment.

Promote the Series as a Whole

Sell the Experience

Promoting the series as a whole is like offering a package holiday; it's more appealing!

How to Promote

  1. Highlight the Benefits: What will readers gain from the entire series?
  2. Show Your Expertise: Let your readers know why you're the go-to person on this topic.

Optimise Series Content for SEO

Boost Your Visibility

Optimising your series for SEO ensures that it doesn't just get lost at sea.

SEO Tactics for Series

  1. Use Target Keywords: Keywords are your compass here.
  2. Interlink Related Posts: Linking between posts in the series can boost SEO.

Potential Series Themes

  • Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing: Break down content marketing into manageable bites.
  • How to Start a Successful Blog: Walk your readers through the blogging journey.
  • Instagram Marketing Tips and Strategies: A picture's worth a thousand words; teach how to use them effectively.
  • The Journey to Minimalism: A series about embracing simplicity could be, well, simply brilliant.
  • Using Essential Oils for Health and Wellness: An aromatic series, perhaps?

The Magic of Serial Content

“Creating a Content Series” is more than a content marketing tactic; it's an adventure. It expands your horizons as a subject matter expert and offers your readers a guided tour of a topic. The beauty of it is that it's both comprehensive and digestible.

So, dear content explorer, are you ready to embark on the voyage of creating your content series? The wind's in our sails, and the horizon is filled with promise.

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