Creating Emotionally-Charged Content For More Shares, Links & Sales 

When you're writing content online, you can write it in such a way that it sounds very factual and impersonal as if you're channeling your inner Mr Spock. Or, you can write in a way that delivers an emotional charge that jolts your reader into action. Emotionally charged content is content that's powerful and sometimes having powerful content can scare you, the writer.  In fact, there are some marketers who are so scared of emotionally charged content they will say anything to keep you writing just the facts and nothing more. Writing emotionally charged content isn't about pouring your heart, your soul, your personal life, and sacrificing your firstborn. It's about your reader, your audience, and the bond between you.

Of course, if you're starting a website like the NHS or WebMD you'll probably want to take on a professional tone. But you still need emotions, but the emotions and feelings for these sites are different – here you'll want calm, safe, and reassuring feelings with your professional tone.

The secret to writing emotional content is this – remember you are in charge of the emotions – you can accelerate or slow down according to how you feel when you create the content.

Why Emotionally-Charged Content?

It Makes People Remember You

People browse dozens if not hundreds of websites every day. Most websites catastrophically fail to draw their readers in emotionally.

How many websites do you visit each day that gets you to laugh, or gets you to get angry about something? How often do you feel like a small business owner is talking directly to you and your problems and that they really understand where you're coming from? That they really “get” you?

These kinds of websites stand out. There's a reason why YouTube videos of shocking clips, funny clips, or touching clips tend to get passed around a lot. They make people feel something, and that's memorable.

Emotional Content Gets You More Links

Content that evokes a lot of emotion tends to get linked to a lot more. Naturally, people are a lot more likely to want to share or endorse something that really got them riled up and they feel strongly about it. It gets more shares on Facebook and gets more retweets. In other words, it has a higher chance of getting passed around immediately but also has much stronger long-term potential. Emotional content is the gift that keeps on giving.

Emotional Content Develops a Stronger Reader Relationship

Finally, emotional content will help you build a much stronger bond with your readers.

People reading your content will feel like they can relate with you, as opposed to feeling that you're just another boring and dullsville website on the internet.

This means people coming back more often, to a more lively community around your blog or business, and finally to more loyal buyers and customers.

As an added benefit, people will also want to partner with you more. If they can tell you're really enthusiastic about something or that you have a way of being able to move an audience, they're likely to want to invite you to speak at their events, do webinars for their audience, and in general open up their audience to you.

Places To Use Your Emotional Words

  • Create an electrifying headline that attracts your reader using the strongest emotional word.
  • Add two or three to the heart-opening paragraphs.
  • Create your branded image and add some emotional words here
  • Sprinkle them through your content
  • Save a great one for the call to action

There are many benefits to creating content with an emotional impact rather than just factual information. Adding a dose of personality is great for just about any small to medium-sized business owner. Unless you're trying to build an encyclopedia-type site, creating emotionally charged content is the fastest way to get closer to your audience without scaring them off.

Kevin and Sarah Arrow founded the Online Visibility Academy in 2015 to help busy business owners upskill in digital marketing, and have a distraction free development space. They train individuals and team members on marketing skills that get results! 

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