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SEO Tips: Is Your Post Engagement Factor Off?

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People who visit your site but don’t stay can lower your ranking in search engines. The bots know how quickly someone leaves your site (or bounces away) and you can, too by checking out your Google Analytics.

Look to see what pages people are viewing and how long they’re staying on the page.

When you see that people aren’t sticking around on a particular post, it could mean the engagement factor is off.

It might be that there’s too much text and it’s difficult to read. Or it might be that your content doesn’t have enough meat to it. Correct the problem and you’ll improve the engagement factor.

The great thing about SEO is that most elements are tweakable, so if something’s not working right, you can learn how to fix it, remedy the issue, and wait for search bots to crawl it again for an update.

Pros & Cons of Checking Your Post's Engagement Factor


  • You'll know where your audience are bouncing and where they're staying.
  • You'll know what content to improve
  •  You'll increase overall engagement


  • You might not know how to improve the content
  • You might not have the skill set to correct your content


Keeping your visitors (aka traffic) engaged is important. It helps the search engines understand that what you're sharing is valuable. When you have a site packed with valuable content, you're rewarded with more visitors who love what you're sharing

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