Ah, welcome back my blogging connoisseurs! If you’ve had your ear to the ground in the blogosphere recently, you’ve likely heard the murmurings about the Etiquette of Guest Blogging. It's a subject that stirs up quite a bit of discussion, especially amongst the blogging elite. A word to the wise: mastering the etiquette of guest blogging can elevate your post from the slush pile to the spotlight.

The Misconceptions Around the Etiquette of Guest Blogging

Before we roll up our sleeves and dive in, let’s clear the air. If you’re mentally penning phrases like, “What a tremendous opportunity for you to feature my post,” let’s go ahead and hit the delete button. It's a line that reeks of presumption rather than polite inquiry, akin to assuming you can sit at the head of someone else's dining table.

Example: What Not To Say

  • “Dear Blogger, publishing my article will bring unprecedented traffic to your blog.”

The Importance of Personalisation and Research

First impressions matter, both in life and in the etiquette of guest blogging. Dig deep to discover the name of the blog owner and incorporate it into your email. Addressing the recipient by name establishes a personal connection from the get-go.

Examples for Your Pitch Email:

  • “Dear [Sarah], your post on sustainable living was a revelation to me.”
  • “Hello Team [EcoWarriors], your focus on renewable energy is admirable.”

Adhere to Guidelines: They Are Your Best Friend

Guidelines are your roadmap for a successful guest post, delineating what is acceptable and what is not. To uphold the etiquette of guest blogging, take note of every requirement.

Case in Point:

Imagine you find a blog about “Healthy Eating” and their guideline insists on a minimum of 1,200 words, but you submit a well-written piece of only 800 words. As superb as your content may be, you’ve failed to follow the rules.

Crafting a Scannable, Easy-to-Read Post

Engaging content is crucial, but how you present it matters too. For instance, breaking your text into shorter paragraphs makes for easier reading. Employ bullet points, lists, and judicious use of bold text to highlight your main points.


  • Using bullet points to list ingredients in a recipe post
  • Bold key phrases like “Key Takeaway” or “Pro Tip”

Demonstrating Your Track Record

When following the etiquette of guest blogging, it's acceptable to showcase your past work as long as it adds value and credibility to your pitch.


“Here are links to my previously published posts on [ABC Blog] and [XYZ Blog], both of which received significant social media engagement.”

Crafting a Bio That Sells Without Selling

Your bio should guide the reader to the next steps without sounding like a late-night infomercial. Mention your blog, offer a free eBook, or provide a link to your social media.


“Sarah is a sustainability guru. For more tips on eco-friendly living, download her free eBook ‘Green Living on a Budget.'”

Engagement: A Key Pillar in the Etiquette of Guest Blogging

Should your post grace the pages of a blog, don’t treat it as a ‘fire and forget’ missile. Engage with the commenters, answer questions, and generally, be an active participant.

Reusing Content and Future Blogging Opportunities

Comments can be a treasure trove of future content ideas. You might find questions that can lead to an entirely new post or even a blog series.

Authenticity and Reader-Centric Approach

It’s tempting to write for algorithms, but in the realm of the etiquette of guest blogging, always write with the reader in mind. Authenticity wins hearts, and consequently, likes and shares.

Offering Incentives and Maximising Visibility

Don’t shy away from directing your new-found audience towards a tempting offer on your own blog, as long as the host permits it.

The Holy Grail: Editing

Before hitting that ‘Send’ button, be your own worst critic. Scrutinise every word, comma, and link.

Adaptability is Key

The blog host might decide to tweak your submission to better fit their platform. It's their right, and a polite nod to adaptability on your part speaks volumes about your understanding of the etiquette of guest blogging.

The Etiquette of Guest Blogging Clears Your Pathway to Success

Guest blogging can offer incredible opportunities for exposure, but it's not a guaranteed ticket to ride. It's a process, a craft, and yes, an etiquette. By following these guidelines, you'll not only contribute valuable content but earn the respect and gratitude of your host blog.

Your thoughts and questions are, as always, most welcome. Feel free to join the discussion below, and happy blogging!


Sarah & Kevin Arrow

Sarah and Kevin Arrow have been in the thick of the online marketing world since 2006, and they're buzzing to share their know-how right here with you! If you're keen to get noticed, they're the experts you'll want to talk to. Why not schedule a call or send them a quick message? They're all ears and can't wait to hear from you!

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