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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing: Finding Your Audience Online

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We’re back for Day 5 of the content marketing challenge! So far we’ve covered the fundamentals of content marketing, creating a strategic content plan, and defining your target audience.

Today we're going on a bit of an adventure. Imagine we're detectives, and we're trying to figure out where our audience loves to hang out online. Why? Because that's where we want to meet them with some awesome, relevant content.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why not spread our message everywhere?” Well, it's tempting, isn't it? But let's face it, throwing a message into the wind and hoping it reaches the right people is like trying to catch fish with a wide net in the vast ocean. It might work, but a more targeted approach? That's where the magic happens.

Instead of trying to lure our audience to us, we'll go to them. It's like setting up a lemonade stand right on their favourite walking path, instead of a few blocks away. By meeting our audience where they already are, we can connect with them more naturally and effectively.

So, grab your virtual magnifying glass, and let's get to work! We'll start by looking at some best practices for researching and prioritizing your audience’s favourite online hangouts:

Conduct Competitor Research

Get to Know Your Rivals

Ever wonder what the competition is up to? Well, let's play detective for a bit! By studying what content and channels your competitors are using, we can learn a ton about reaching our shared audience.

Are they tweeting like there's no tomorrow? Maybe they're guest posting on specific blogs. This research isn't just snooping; it's about uncovering proven places where our audience loves to hang out.

Use Audience Insight Tools

Explore Cool Tools

You wouldn't go on a treasure hunt without a map, right? Tools like Buzzsumo and Followerwonk are like our digital treasure maps. They analyze interests and behaviour so you can figure out where your audience is gathering based on keywords and bios.

And guess what? You can even discover who the big influencers are within your niche. It's like having a guide to lead you to where the action's at!

Ask Your Audience Directly

Have a Chat

Why guess when you can ask? Surveys, interviews, and social listening are like sitting down for coffee with your customers. They can tell you directly what sites and networks they use most.

No assumptions are needed; just good old-fashioned conversation. It's like going straight to the source for the best info. Who wouldn't want that?

Analyze Your Own Traffic Sources

Do a Bit of Self-Reflection

Let's take a moment to look at our own stuff, too. By reviewing analytics for your website, social channels, and emails, you can find out where your traffic is really coming from.

Is a particular publication driving conversions? Great, let's hang out there more often! It's like following the breadcrumbs back to what really works.

Examples of Popular Online Hangouts

Find Your Tribe

Different folks hang out in different places. Here's where you might find some familiar faces:

  • Bloggers: They love Medium, Reddit, and Facebook Groups like a cozy coffee shop.
  • Developers: You'll find them building stuff on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News.
  • Photographers: Catch them snapping away on Flickr, 500px, and Instagram.
  • Entrepreneurs: They mean business on LinkedIn, Forbes, and Mixergy.

So, ready to start exploring? With a bit of research and some friendly curiosity, we can connect with our audience in all the right places! Let's get to it!

The key is to dive into your niche and fully understand your audience’s interests and habits. Identify where they are already congregating online. Then you can connect through relevant content.

Tomorrow we’ll start putting this research into action as we map out your editorial calendar and content plan. Please share any ideas on the best places to reach your audience! Looking forward to Day 6.

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