Guest posting is more than just a platform for showcasing your writing chops. It's an opportunity to captivate a fresh audience, impart your wisdom, and elevate the blog you're contributing to—all while providing genuine value. The crux, however, lies in developing great guest post ideas that resonate with your target audience and the blog owner. It’s a dance, my friend, and the choreography starts with strong, tailored content.

Do Your Homework on the Target Blog

Research the Blog's Niche and Content Style

Before you even put pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—get familiar with the blog where you aspire to be a guest writer. Examine the blog's niche, the style of content, the post formats, and even the comment section. Are they more into long-form articles, or do bite-sized listicles take the day?

Peruse Writer Guidelines

A lot of well-established blogs have writer guidelines publicly available. Peruse these to get a feel for what the blog editors expect from contributors. Guidelines often provide insights into the blog’s preferred article length, tone, and sometimes even topics they’re keen to explore.

Know the Readers

The more you understand the blog’s audience, the better you can tailor your guest post ideas. Look at reader comments, social media interactions, and any other signs that reveal their interests and pain points.

Brainstorm Broad Topic Ideas

Make a List of Potential Topics

Once you're armed with research, it’s time to brainstorm. Come up with a list of broad topics that align with both your expertise and the blog's focus. This could range from ‘10 Ways to Improve Digital Marketing ROI’ for a business blog to ‘How to Make Sustainable Choices in Everyday Life’ for an eco-conscious platform.

Offer Unique Value

The best guest posts offer something novel. Perhaps you could delve into a lesser-known hack that boosts productivity or offer a fresh perspective on a political issue. Providing unique value makes you a more attractive guest posting prospect.

Narrow Down Your Best Concepts

Fit the Target Blog's Goals

Look at your brainstormed list and start honing in on the topics that best align with the blog’s objectives and audience. Are they looking for more how-to guides or in-depth analytical pieces?

Flesh Out the Angles

Every story has an angle—your job is to find the most engaging one. For instance, instead of a generic post about ‘Health Benefits of Yoga’, you could go specific—‘How Yoga Improves Mental Health: A 30-Day Experiment’.

Craft Attention-Grabbing Titles

Tap Into Readers' Emotions

If you want to grab eyeballs, appeal to the reader’s emotions. ‘Why You’re Failing at Digital Marketing and How to Fix It’ is more compelling than ‘Digital Marketing Tips’.

Ensure Titles and Content Align

A catchy title is great, but it must encapsulate what your post is about. There’s nothing more disappointing than a clickbait title followed by irrelevant content.

Outline Your Post Content

Structure is Key

A well-structured outline acts as a roadmap for your post. Include an introduction, main points, supporting examples, and a conclusion. This doesn’t just help you; it makes life easier for the blog editors.

Tailor Tone and Style

Your tone and style should be a good fit for the blog you’re contributing to. If the blog’s tone is professional, a casual or laid-back style won’t work, and vice versa.

Set Yourself Apart

Offer a Unique Take

Whether it’s a personal story or a controversial viewpoint, make sure your post offers something that readers can’t get from any other contributor.

Infuse Your Brand Personality

Let your personality shine through in your writing. It’s the little quirks that make your contribution special and memorable.

In essence, a great guest post is a harmonious blend of research, creativity, and authenticity. The process may seem laborious, but the rewards—a broader audience, valuable partnerships, and the chance to share your unique insights—make it worthwhile. So, are you ready to craft those exceptional guest post ideas? If you’d like a helping hand, feel free to get in touch.


Sarah & Kevin Arrow

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