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Have you ever done a search, clicked the link and got this result in the search engines?

Insecure site warning

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This means the site is passing data insecurely. Which is mostly fine if you are just browsing. However, if you see that warning and you are paying for something it's not such a good sign. It means your data isn't encrypted, and it could be stolen.

Many website visitors look for the signs that a site is secure.

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Browser Address Bars Showing Secure and Insecure Web Addresses

That’s why a lot of people are hesitant when they’re online when it comes to giving anything personal. If they see a site that doesn’t have the lock icon in front of the address, they’ll immediately bounce off of the page.

That lock icon is something that ensures the audience that the site they’re visiting is legitimate and secure - and one that they can trust. This icon indicates that the site has a digital certificate that’s able to encrypt whatever data is shared.

For example, if someone is inputting their email address or their credit card information, that icon puts the information into a code that protects it from anything that could be damaging.

Ask your hosting provider to make sure you have an SSL certificate for your domain. Some hosting companies charge extra for it, while others have it as an included perk for signing up with their company.

Search Engines like safe and secure sites. Whilst they may not keep you on Page 2 of the results for not having an SSL certificate, website visitors will see the warning and visit another site. 

Pros of having a secure site


  • Your site is trusted
  • Data is secure
  • Customer confidence is boosted


  • There aren't any


A secure site is a must. Getting an SSL certificate installed on your hosting is a great way to build trust.  Without it, even if you're not processing personal data, people will bounce away from your site.

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