How to Improve Popular Blog Posts to Generate More Leads

Successful fishermen find out where the fish are, and then go to them. You can't catch any fish if there are no fish to catch.  Marketing your website is the same as fishing in this respect – you have to go to where your audience/customers are.

How to Improve Popular Blog Posts to Generate More Leads

Working smarter means doing the same with your marketing and blogging efforts. You go to where your fish are.

Imagine for a moment that you create an awesome opt-in that you know your readers will benefit from. If you offer that incentive with an opt-in form on a website that is getting very little to no traffic, even though it will change someone's life and make an incredible impact, nothing will happen. You don't have any fish on your line. Your blog posts will not generate enough of the right leads for you to grow your business online if you don't have the traffic to them.

The first step to generating more leads from your blog posts is to have the right bait…

This isn't a post about generating more traffic, but a post about improving your most popular posts to generate more leads. To do this…

You need to discover which of your blog posts are attracting the most attention.

  • One simple way to do this is to check your comments section at the end of your posts. Generally speaking, the posts with the most comments are also receiving the most traffic.
  • You should also check your analytics and see which posts are the most popular, and finally check which posts are popular on social media using a tool like Buzzsumo.
  • Make a list of all your high-traffic posts in a spreadsheet or notepad. If you use a spreadsheet make a note of the URLs as well as the traffic, social shares, and comments.

Before you quit looking at the numbers, take a look and see if you have any evergreen seasonal posts that generate a lot of traffic at certain times of the year. These can easily be overlooked as they may not be receiving high traffic all of the time.

If you don't have any high-performance pieces of content, then it's time for you to join the 30-day blogging challenge

How to Generate Great Content Upgrade Ideas

Now that you have tracked down your high-traffic posts, how do you come up with great content upgrade ideas? This is a rather simple process.

Read your blog post as if you are a brand new reader encountering it for the first time.

  • What does it really talk about?
  • What is the benefit your readers gain?
  • What are the values and benefits someone receives by consuming this specific piece of content?

Jot down ideas as you are reading, and reflect upon what type of resource or content would be a logical upgrade to what you've just read.

Perhaps your most popular blog post talks about the content style for your site. A sensible content upgrade could be a short and simple worksheet that shows your reader how to create their own content style guide.

The idea is to think of a logical next step for your popular blog posts

Keep your content upgrade short and easy to digest, and your readers will see some quick value in the content you provide. Suggested types of content upgrade include:

  • Checklists,
  • Resource guides
  • Buyer's guides
  • Short reports
  • Email challenges

They all make effective content upgrades, and I recommend that you mix them up and see which your readers prefer. Here on the worksheets and checklists are the most popular. With a little creativity, your content upgrades will become something that your audience not only looks out for but will share with others.

Content Upgrades build your email list and nurture relationships. They also increase your influence and reputation, and improve the lead generation ability of your very best blog posts!

Over to you: How many posts can you add a content upgrade to?



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