How to Optimize Your Clubhouse Bio Profile

Yay! You've Joined Clubhouse

You're listening in, participating and doing all the things you need to do, but your followers are not growing. It's time to look at your Clubhouse Bio. Your bio is where all Clubhouse members can learn a little about you, so how you write your Clubhouse bio matters. 

When creating your your Clubhouse Bio you are aiming to create an engaging, captivating read that compels the reader to click follow and respond to your room pings! In this article we're going to go through how to optimize your clubhouse bio with both the right words and emojji!

Elements That Make Up Your Clubhouse Bio:

  • Profile Picture
  • Name
  • Handle
  • Followers and Following count
  • Bio
  • Connected social media accounts (currently Instagram and Twitter)
  • Nominated by (a clickable link to the profile of the person who nominated you)
  • Clubs you are a member of...

What you do

Be concise when describing what you do so your Clubhouse audience understands. Don't list out every detail of what your job entails. Just add what relates to what you talk about on Clubhouse. Include an emoji flag of your current location, as the flags are searchable. The first line of your bio will say something like "I manage a crack team of social media commandos who will increase your visibility."   🏁 

That first line doesn't leave any room for doubt and says precisely what I do. The first 3 lines of your bio are visible in the short view of your profile. Give your viewer a reason to expand and read in full! 

Clubhouse Bio Optimization Tip #1

Write your Clubhouse bio out in a Notes app on your iPhone first. This means you can easily copy and paste it over if you accidently delete it. It also means that you can change your bio to reflect the current part of your business or job that you're talking about. Remember you can and should use Emoji in your bio.

Why do you do what you do?

Include why you do what you do underneath the what you do part of your Clubhouse bio. Followers want to be able to resonate with you. By sharing why you are passionate about your profession, you give them the chance to connect with you on a deeper level.

Clubhouse Bio Optimization Tip #2

Your "What" part of your bio is usually just a sentence or two. The Why part of your Bio can be longer. Your goal here is to write from your heart about why you love what you do. 

Who do you help?

The 'who' in your bio is about your target audience, not so much you. As much as you may hate to hear it, what you offer and how you offer it is not right for everyone. By sharing who you are right for, you can create a much more targeted community of followers who will be more interested in what you have to offer.

Clubhouse Bio Optimization Tip #3

Clubhouse is searchable, so include the titles that your audience uses to describe themselves. When they read your bio, they need to recognize you help people like them. 

How to Get in Touch With You

While links are not clickable, you can still include your website URL.  When it comes to social media you can currently link to your Instagram profile and your Twitter Profile. These links are clickable. Any profile names for your other social media accounts in your bio will be just text. This will help followers connect with you in a variety of ways. If you work with local customers, be sure to include your location address in your bio.

Clubhouse Bio Optimization Tip #4

Remember to add a call to action above your Instagram and Twitter links. Remind the person reading they can follow you on Instagram and message you there. 

Call to Action

Include a call-to-action in your bio. Make it short but enticing such as

  • Download the free…
  • DM me for a discount code…
  • Get your free trial at…
  • Follow me on…
 If you link to a lead magnet or enter another URL in your bio, consider creating a short redirect. Not with something like bitly where the link is a set of random letters and numbers, but a link that is easy to remember or write down since it is not clickable. I recommend using Pretty Links for this.

Clubhouse Bio Optimization Tip #5

If you are planning on using Clubhouse to grow your business then it's essential that you have a lead magnet related to content you talk about in your bio. If you don't you'll gain followers but they won't convert.

Your Clubhouse Profile Photo

It's recommended that you have a single color background to your profile photo so that your image stands out on the stage and in the audience. Some presenters will say "Follow me, I'm xxx with the red head" when they finish talking so that you know which photo to click on to follow. 

Other Clubhouse presenters have a circle-border around their photo to help it stand out. I've seen neon ones, and I've seen gold sparkly ones. Chose the option that fits your brand the best.

Word Limits on your Clubhouse Bio

Currently there are no limits to the number of words in your bio. Do remember it's a human being reading your Clubhouse Bio, so now is not the time to write your version of War & Peace. Remember the first 125 characters matter, and adjust your bio accordingly!

Clubhouse Bios to Inspire You

If you follow this simple guide you'll easily optimise your Clubhouse bio. However, sometimes you need to see a few great Clubhouse bios to inspire you! I've selected 4 Clubhouse bios from a variety of backgrounds, follower counts, and experience to inspire you!

Patricia and Aman have bright Emoji filled Clubhouse bios. You'll see that they're easy to read and contain calls to actions. You can easily understand what they do, and who they are looking to help.

Alice and Susan have bright circles around their profile photos.  Susan directs you where to follow her, and Alice directs you straight to her website. 

I hope you've found this guide helpful when it comes to optimising your Clubhouse Bio. If you're struggling with what you can write, book in a one-to-one session and we'll nail your Clubhouse Bio. 

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