ideal clientsWhat's the difference between a sales page that converts and one that doesn't? No, it's not a trick question. There are many elements that go into a sales page and each has a direct effect on conversions, but there's one very important element that has to be there or you may as well now bother.

Your sales pages should address the customer's pain or challenges and offer a unique solution.

People buy products and services because they have some problem they're facing, and the product or service offers the answer, and they can move on. Not only can they move on, but their life will also be better in some way for having made the purchase.  No matter what their pain is, there will be many choices out there, but they're looking for someone who speaks directly to their needs and offers the solution that's perfect for them. Oh, and remember – not buying is also an option. This is why identifying the pain of your audience is so important.

For example, you may be a solo entrepreneur trying to get your business off the ground and you just can't seem to figure out how to get traffic to your site. If a sales page offers you a way to quickly and easily drive traffic to your website, you're likely to buy what that page is offering.

So, the first step in creating your sales page is to uncover these pain points and show exactly how your product provides a solution.

How to Discover Your Target Market's Pain

Start by creating an ideal client avatar. This is a profile that describes your target market demographically as well as psychologically. Get to know your audience and what problems they face. What solutions are they looking for?

The main areas where people struggle include:

  • Money – People are looking for solutions that save them money.
  • Time – They're looking at faster and easier ways to do things.
  • Social – Everyone wants to belong.

You can research your target market online using social media and other online sources, but the best data comes from talking to people directly. Conduct interviews or surveys, or reach out to customers one on one and they'll tell you exactly what problems they're facing.

Look at your product or service. If you don't already have one, create a unique value proposition. This statement explains specifically how your product offers value to the customer. Starting from your product, what problem does it solve? How does this line up with what you know about your market?

Addressing Pain on Your Sales Page

Once you understand the challenges your audience members are facing, you need to make this the key point of your sales page. Its purpose is to show people how your product uniquely solves this problem. Ways to do this include:

  • Making it part of the headline. The headline gets people's attention. It determines whether someone will read on or not. Lead by addressing this pain.
  • Emphasizing the benefits more than the features. Rather than just telling people your products’ specs, show how each of the features contributes to solving the person’s problem.
  • Be specific. Cite precise numbers whenever possible. Tell people how much they can expect to learn and how long it will take.
  • Provide social proof. Put testimonials on your sales page from others who've used your product or service and can vouch for it.

A great deal goes into creating a sales page, but this is the most fundamental determiner of success. Get to know your audience and provide a solution to their problems, and you'll see conversions.

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