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Is Blogging A Daily Habit?

Getting the Blogging Habit

It takes 21 days to make a habit. Actions such as not using bad language, not smoking, eating right, exercising every day and even being kind to those around us can all be practiced until they become habits. Even blogging can become a daily habit. If you spend just 30 minutes a day blogging before you know it, it'll be a habit just like your morning cuppa and walking the dog after breakfast.


  • You become a better writer
  • Blogging becomes easier
  • It's great for your mental health
  • You get better SEO and search engine traction


  • It's tough when you don't know what you can write about
  • The flickering cursor / empty page mocks you 
  • Search engines don't return your website in responses to searchers
  • It takes time

Daily blogging tips

You will find that writing comes much easier when you do it everyday. Once you get the writing habit established you can start planning out content. Create an editorial calendar and use your 30 minutes to create that content and to stay on track with your blogging goals.

start with just 30 minutes a day

In the beginning just write what comes to your mind for at 30 minutes. Do not worry about spelling, grammar, or formatting. Use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs instead of typing directly in the blogging platform if you wish. Once you have written your blog posts you can go back and correct any issues with grammar and formatting.

Commit to do this every day for 30 days...

 Twenty one days may make a habit, but 30 days will really help set this habit stick. When you realize that it will only take about 30 minutes per day to blog each day then there will be no reason not to do it. That 30 minutes is not just about blogging, it is a time of reflection and thoughtful writing that can offer comfort to you and anyone who reads what you've written.

Good Things Come to Those Who Try...

There are other good things to come out of a daily blog post for 30 days. You'll start showing up in more search engines. Your readers will visit your site more often. Your ranking will go way up not only in the eyes of the search engines but also in the eyes of your readers who will be excited to read what you write next.


Blogging is easier when you realise it's a marathon on not a sprint. Staying the distance is easy, but it takes time. And it's totally worth it! 

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