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Kevin Arrow

I first laid eyes on my childhood sweetheart, Sarah, when I was just a young 17-year-old college student. She sat next to me in class, stole my heart and my homework, and never gave it back.

Being the only entrepreneur in my family wasn't always easy. Every family gathering was filled with comments like "Why don't you get a real job? Like a juggler or something?" For five whole years, my dad even told people I was unemployed because it had less stigma than being a business owner.

I started my career in retail management, where I was put in charge of gardens and power tools. And let me tell you, despite what people think, power tools don't just fly off the shelves on their own. But I had a secret weapon, I convinced customers that the chainsaw was not only a gardening tool but also a great way to make a smoothie. I'm kidding! 

I was asked to turn around a struggling division, and I thought "Why not? I'm not scared of a little challenge, I once ate a whole pizza by myself" Within two years, I had taken the team from making a loss to making over 30 million in profit. I've developed my selling skills, training skills, and other skills, and when I stop growing, I love to move into a new space and start the growth process all over again.

In 2004, I started a transport business from the spare bedroom of my home. Over the years, my transport company won business awards for innovation and environmental awareness. I worked with huge companies delivering multi-million-pound contracts, and with individuals on a budget. Of course, this business reached its 10th anniversary milestone, but not without a few bumps in the road. Like the time we accidentally delivered a truckload of ice cream to a desert oasis ;) 

After a near-death experience (a ruptured appendix at 39) I decided it was time for a change. I had created one of the most visible online courier companies in the UK and marketing and sales were calling my name. So, I set up my third business and launched the Online Visibility Academy (formerly Sark eMedia).

Running a sales and marketing business is a whole different ball game from a transport company, but the business side was similar; we needed to find clients, make sales, and grow the business. I quickly realized that my passion for business was what would lead us to where we are today. Our company is still growing, and it's wonderful for both of us to be present for all of our daughter's activities, and I get to help amazing business owners grow their businesses, and maybe one day deliver the right package to the right address.

My proudest moment (so far) has been watching my martial artist daughters both win gold in Jiu-Jitsu competitions. I never saw that in my future when Sarah sat next to me all those years ago. But I'm glad I took a chance on her, and on my entrepreneurial dreams, and that I'm not a juggler.

I’m so pleased I took Kevin’s course, Launch your 1st Course Challenge. With the New Zenler online course creation platform, his approach to presenting complex content offers participants a path to launch their first online course with confidence in a short period of time. His knowledge and expertise are clearly demonstrated in the LIVE Q&A sessions. He was generous, accommodating and responsive to individual needs

Geraldine Wilkins

Difficult to know where to start .... Kevin is a quite brilliant at marketing the digital world. His ability to see to the heart of problems and offer solutions that work, fit your own skill level and in easy to understand language is most impressive. He is a joy to work with - direct, engaging, open-minded and totally decent. In short, a top person!

Nigel Lowson

I took a challenge course with Kevin and I can seriously say I was ready to give up because of my lack of technical skills; but he pushed in a friendly way and never left anyone feeling less than worthy. I will miss the daily coaching, it held me accountable and forced me to complete the challenge! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!

Janet Dipirro
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