Live Video: Top 10 Best Practices 

Thinking about live video? And wondering why your business needs it?

  • High conversion rate – Videos generally perform better online than other types of content
  • Human touch builds trust – Videos give your business the human touch which engenders trust
  • Casual makes you relatable – A casual feeling helps to lend credibility
  • Memorable Branding – On-camera videos offer branding benefits
  • Show, don't tell – Opportunity to show what you're teaching
  • Diverse topics – You can cover many different areas of your business
  • Easy to produce – Quick and easy to produce with little gear or editing
  • SEO benefits – Get new eyes on your business and potentially more sales

Kevin and Sarah Arrow founded the Online Visibility Academy in 2015 to help busy business owners upskill in digital marketing, and have a distraction free development space. They train individuals and team members on marketing skills that get results! 

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