Marketing Resources for 2024 & Beyond

Welcome to our marketing tools & resources page. Please bookmark this as we update it frequently and we don't want you to miss a thing! 


Starting out tools & resources

You'll need a website. I know people say you don't need one... but here you are... reading a website. A website shows that you are committed to your business, that you're here for the long-haul, and that you are serious about working with your prospects.

The Next Level

Marketing Your Business

Now you're set up, the next phase in your marketing is increasing your visibility! This means sharing your content and attracting in your amazing ideal clients!

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge

This is a fantastic way to increase your website traffic, grow your list and connect with your audience.

It's not easy, but it is worthwhile. If you're a precious flower who doesn't like to follow the guidelines to get results, then this isn't for you. But if you're the type of person who wants to grow your audience and your influence simultaneously (because you like to work smarter) then this is for you... and it's free.

Updating your social media channels

We recommend a strategy that involves using tools to make updates, and updating yourself, by hand. This enables you to maximise your time and engagement. 

For updating social media we use Promo Republic. They give you prompts, ideas and allows you to share your own content as well. 

Maximising Your Content Promotion

MissingLettr is a tool that helps you repurpose your content and promote it via social media for up to a year after you've first published that post. We recommend doing the 30 day blogging challenge and then approving the MissingLettr content as you go through it so your 30 days continue to promote you and your business for the next year! 

Getting Found in the Search Engines

Getting found using SEO takes time and consistency. You can accelerate this by ensuring that you write content that your audience is searching for. This means using a Keyword Research tool. Sure, you can do it by hand... But when do you get the chance to actually market your business if you do?

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