We're almost at the finish line of our enthralling content marketing challenge! From strategy to ideation, it's been quite the expedition, hasn't it? Today, let's tackle a topic that often tickles the fancy of many marketers: monetising your content. It's like putting a cherry on top of all the hard work you've baked into your content creation. Delicious!

Making Pounds from Your Posts

Money makes the world go round—or so they say—and it's no different in the world of content marketing. Monetising content isn't just about filling up the piggy bank. It provides a return on investment (ROI) that allows you to continually invest in crafting high-quality content. Imagine it as a benevolent cycle that keeps the content train chugging along.

Proven Tactics for Monetising Content: Show Me the Money!

With that introduction, here's a treasure trove of proven tactics for monetising your content:

Gate with Paid Subscriptions

Want to offer premium content like exclusive podcasts or courses? Charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee. It's like a secret club, but with more wisdom.

Example: Sam's Tech Talk, a podcast that charges £5/month for access to in-depth interviews with industry leaders.

Sell Different Access Levels

Consider yourself a generous soul? Offer free access to some content but save those special “pro” or “insider” extras for the VIPs who pay.

Example: A cooking blog that offers basic recipes for free but reserves the exquisite French pastries section for paying members.

Insert Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is like giving a friend a restaurant recommendation and getting a dessert on the house. Insert relevant affiliate links into your content but remember to disclose when needed.

Example: A tech review blog that includes affiliate links to the gadgets they discuss, earning a commission for each sale.

Publish Paid Content

On platforms like Medium, you can make select content paid. Why give away all the family secrets for free?

Example: An author who publishes short stories on Medium and reserves some exceptional pieces as paid content.

Sell Ad Space

Traffic jam on your website? Sell banner or text ads. Just avoid being the person who hands out flyers to every passerby.

Example: A popular travel blog that sells ad space to local tourism companies.

Charge for Downloads

Got some advanced resources like ebooks, studies or toolkits? Attach a price tag. Sometimes, knowledge comes with a receipt.

Example: A marketing expert who offers comprehensive guides and charges for downloading the advanced version.

Offer Paid Services

If you've mastered the art of content, why not consult, coach, or even speak for a fee? Knowledge pays, literally.

Example: A fitness influencer who offers personalised coaching sessions as an additional paid service.

Leverage Crowdfunding

For ambitious content series or larger projects, consider crowdfunding. It's like throwing a content party, and everyone's invited!

Example: A documentary series about sustainability that's funded upfront via Kickstarter.

Real-World Examples to Inspire You:

  • A podcast with monthly subscription for access to the full archive
  • A free blog post linking to a £297 online course for the full system
  • A toolkit with an advanced paid version
  • A sponsored post on trending news shared across social media
  • A virtual summit with experts, funded upfront via ticket sales

Your Turn to Monetise

It's your move, content connoisseur! Whether you're selling access to a secret recipe or offering paid toolkits, monetising your content isn't just about making money. It's about validating your effort, growing your community, and continually fuelling your creativity.

Remember, it's about providing value and nurturing relationships while being fair to your audience. Keep those pound notes rolling in, and see you tomorrow for the grand finale! If you have any ideas or questions about monetising content, feel free to drop a comment.


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