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A website that's built to generate leads for your business and be your digital home. The site you're proud to share with others!

A new website that will help position you, your brand and grow your business...

Websites: Do They Still Work?

Imagine for a moment that you're looking to get your house decorated. You need some painting, some papering, and a few other little things done. You ask for recommendations on social media. What do you do once you have the recommendations? You look at their page, send them a message, and then you remember anyone can set up on social media. You need to know a bit more about them beyond their friend's ability to tag.

You go to their website and have a look at their work... 

Your Customers Do The Exact Same Thing

This is where you win or lose business. 

No website, or an outdated one will cost you business.

  • Businesses with websites are seen as stable businesses. More reliable. Trustworthy.
  • According to recent surveys, 75% of consumers believe that a business without a website is unprofessional
  • You can showcase your work and convert more customers
  • You can nurture your leads (if you want) and help them make the right decisions
  • A well-optimised website will help you get found beyond a recommendation

Website packages

Small Business Website

The perfect start website for small business owners who need a web presence to reassure potential customers they're a great business. Ideal for trades and local service providers. Not suitable for eCommerce or coaches. 

  • 5-7 pages including contact page and website copy. You supply the images.
  • SEO research and on-page SEO
  • Social media integrated
  • Blogging area if wanted
  •  Safe & Secure

Website for Coaches

A website designed to showcase your coaching brand. 

  • 5-7 pages, copy included. You supply the images
  • Social Media integrated
  • SEO research and on-page optimisation
  • Lead magnet, subscriber page and delivery page
  • Safe & Secure

Website Care Plan

After we've built you an amazing website, it will need caring for. Like a car, you're responsible for it the moment you have the keys. This means if you wrap your website around the online equivalent of a tree, you pay to get it fixed just like you would a car... A website care plan is essential if you can't or don't know how to do it yourself

  • Security Updates
  • Software Updates and Back-ups
  • Content adjustments
  • Ongoing SEO


Per month

Website Update

You have a website but it needs refreshing. A new lick of paint, refreshing the SEO and a good old tidy up. We do these too.

  • 5-7 pages of copy refresh 
  • Content audit
  • 20 pages of optimisations
  • Lead magnet refresh,  subscriber page and delivery page updates

Happy Website Customers

Richard Jones

Property Management

I can highly recommend Kevin and his team, they manage our social media and our website and do a great job. They are thorough in their research on your business and can take care of everything leaving you to to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Emma Wallington


Kevin, Sarah and the team are supportive, diligent and available when you need them. The proofs sent are well compiled and require minimum input from me which is always handy if you are running a fast pace business.

They are innovative, listen to ideas and produce results! I would strongly recommend them to others without hesitation!

Jamie Reynolds


Digital Marketing is made easy when you have Kevin and the guys at The Visibility Academy on board.
Having worked with Kevin for over 12 months the results are proof of the dedication and commitment that him and he’s team put in.
Kevin really understand what a business owner wants and needs, is an expert in this field, is disciplined in meeting our company objectives.

No bullshit, tells you how it is and gets things done! 

Alice Elliot


Kevin Arrow has a no nonsense approach to digital marketing. He draws upon his ever increasing knowledge of technical products and applications to offer the most appropriate solution to your needs. Any business that wishes to grow and thrive in today's online market would do well to heed and follow his advice.

Karen Windle

Swimwear brand

Kevin was very helpful in advising me on SEO services, he has great knowledge on website development

Lynn Kuo


Kevin is incredibly patient and generous with his expertise. As a first-time course creator, I have been so appreciative of his guidance in building this aspect of my online business. He genuinely wants you to succeed and encourages you to move at a rapid pace but without making you feel overwhelmed. Thanks so much, Kevin!

Steve Cole


I am so pleased I used Kevin to build various sites. Kevin has a great understanding that sites are meant to sell as well as look great! His marketing expertise helps enormously with this as well. Very easy to work with and professional. Definitely recommended. 


Who we work with:

Nice people

We don't build websites for just anyone. We don't take website bookings without getting to know you and your business. And if we're not a fit, we'll say so. It's not you; it's totally us.

We don't work with drug, tobacco or firearm businesses.

We don't work with unethical companies.

We get amazing results for local businesses, and business owners who are genuine about who they are and who they help. If you are in an precarious financial position we're not your people.  

A great website won't rescue a struggling business. Get your ducks in a row and come back when you are on firmer footing. If you are prone to changing your mind because the moon is in Uranus, we're not your people. Indecisive people make the worst customers, and this causes a bad experience. We don't want it and neither do you. 

Still here, still reading?  A slight smile on your lips? Thinking who the heck is this person? Book a call and find out, we'd love to get to know you and your website needs:

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