Plan Your Marketing Success!

I discovered the "Filofax" in my last year of school. 

I found that it held most of my thoughts and was portable... I went everywhere with it. Maybe you went everywhere with yours? 

As I grew older, I spent more and more time "customising" the pages for what I needed, and whilst I was doing that I thought "hasn't someone done this already for me?"

And the answer was no, no one had done it for me.

So I started to make my own planners.

In 2012 I shared mine with my newsletter subscribers and the replies went through the roof! Where could they get one? How much are they? What other ones do I have?

So, I set about creating our own, Online Visibility Academy Planners that will help you complete your marketing plans, and take inspired action!

Take a Look At The Marketing Planners

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