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Time is Money

We can do more in a day than you possibly imagine. Our Power Days are designed to get stuff done. Now.

The Plan

Need strategy? We can cover that in a day too, one where you can walk away with the plan, printed, in your hands.


We go deep. It might be a day, but it's called a Power Day for a reason!

Follow Up With You

After our power day, we'll jump on Zoom and go through your follow-up questions. And if you need help going forward? We can talk consulting for you...

Fed up with waiting? Us too!

Power Days are for life's go-getters. You understand time is money and you don't have a month to wait for a brand to be developed or a website and lead magnet to be created. You understand the power of getting it done and dusted in a day; it's you who Power Days have been created for.

We can get a lot done in a day, as you can see from the testimonials below. From 5 page websites, to brands, to social media optimisation or social media strategy. We even have clients who book 4 Power Days a year to ensure stuff is done! 

Power Days = More Time

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Eunice Flynn

I had a Power Day from Sarah and can highly recommend it to anyone. I needed a blog site for my personal project and journeys. Sarah knew the type of thing I was going to be blogging so had a few ideas of what I was looking at to get started.

The day started with looking at what theme for my site. There was so many but as I am a simple person after a dozen I settled on 2 I liked. She was able to show me these on existing client sites and how different they could look.

Next the important background, this had to be something neutral but in keeping with what I am about. After a few pages of images I could see this may take a while but boom there it was the perfect background picture.

While doing all this she constantly showed me how the site worked and what should be put where. As someone who was new to WordPress this was a great help and something you just don't get if a site is made for you then handed over to you. I wanted to be very hands on with the site.

Through out the day the teaching was of a high standard and she kept it to my level of understanding, if I didn't understand I just asked.

I was very pleased with the outcome of the day and it included lunch.

I came away with instructions on what I needed to do over the next few days but i did them the day after as i was really enjoying it.

On the whole would I recommend a Sarah Arrow Power Day? YES without any hesitation. 

All about the

Power Day

  • 01 - When

  • 02 - Where

  • 03 - Why

  • 04 - How

We'll have a call and determine on the call what you want to get done. As you may have realised a Power Day is the perfect way to get something done, and we'll need to know some more about you, your business and when you're able to spend the day with us.

I spent a fab day with the Arrow's learning all about how to maximise Pinterest for business. The day was super informative and I had my eyes opened to all the possibilities more than once (ok, several times!!!). It was a fun and relaxed day. Sarah and Kevin are super knowledgeable in this area and create a safe and fun environment in which to delve into the world of Pinterest. It was an awesome day!

Sophie Thorpe

Yesterday I had a day with Sarah Arrow. A day with Sarah is like a week with another coach. We nailed it. I am a marketing coach, my message and tribe is evolving. We sorted my new message, package ideas, copy, got a new website up in an afternoon and optimised SEO. What a lady. Generous and knowledgeable, understanding and focused. Are you changing gears? Look no further. I am looking forward to the next steps. Thank you Sarah - you rock and are actually one in a million.

Jo Soley

Sarah how many ways can I thank you? Not enough. I can't believe I was introduced to you on Friday and by Saturday night, my blog had been created. It's absolutely fabulous. You totally understood what I was looking for (I didn't even have to write a proper brief) and you have been a great support helping me get to grips with WordPress. You made it pain-free, simple and quick. What more could a girl ask for?! You are the font of all blogging knowledge as far as I am concerned and I can't wait to recommend you to my clients and friends.

Lisa Parkes


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