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15 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free!

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Your book is finished and now it’s time to get it out to the masses. In today’s world, there are no more gatekeepers. You can publish and handle your promotion all by yourself. Here are 15 free methods for getting the word out about the unique value your book has to offer.

  1. Run a contest and give away copies of your book as prizes. Create a challenge to get your audience involved.
  2. Offer a digital version on Kindle Direct Publishing for free. This program on Amazon lets you run a limited-time offer.
  3. Promote your book on websites like Goodreads and Booktalk. These sites offer a variety of tools to help you get the word out.
  4. Make videos to post on YouTube and share on social media. Discuss topics related to the book and offer help in solving your audience’s problems.
  5. Start a podcast and discuss topics related to your work. You can also interview people or take listener calls.
  6. Issue a press release announcing your book launch or some related event.
  7. Share free samples of your book to your social media followers, email subscribers, or group members. Get them to offer feedback and write reviews.
  8. Write guest posts for blogs in your industry to gain exposure and widen your audience.
  9. Get interviewed on podcasts or YouTube channels. Reach out to people in your niche who have large, active followings.
  10. Build an online community. Make a group based around your book’s topic where you lead discussions and help people with their problems. This will help you sell copies but also build buzz.
  11. Set up a local book tour. Go to bookstores and libraries and talk about your topic.
  12. Offer free webinars where you help people deal with related issues. You can pitch your book at some point during the sessions.
  13. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and look for opportunities to speak to businesses in your community.
  14. Blog on your topic. Take problems you can solve for your audience and turn each solution into a blog post.
  15. Create visual content to share on Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites. It can be something as simple as a quote from your book over an appealing background image.
  16. Bonus tip! Offer a free eBook that teaches something similar or just one subtopic from your book. In the eBook, you can include a pitch for the book.
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