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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing: Promoting Your Content

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Actively Promoting Your Content for Success: A Quick Guide

Today, my friends, we're going on a delightful expedition into the world of actively promoting your content for maximum reach and engagement. Bear with me as we uncover why promoting your content is just as crucial as coming up with the idea and crafting the masterpiece itself.

Your Website – The Cosy Living Room of Your Digital Home

Your website is like the living room of your home – where everything can be displayed beautifully for your visitors.

Regularly Feature New Content

  • Showcase on the Homepage: Just like placing a new vase on the mantelpiece, make sure your latest content is prominently displayed.
  • Dedicated Blog Section: Think of this as the special corner where all your artistic creations live. Regular updates will keep visitors coming back for more.
  • SEO Optimisation: Remember to include relevant keywords to help search engines guide more people to your living room. Tools like Yoast SEO can be handy here.

Email Lists – Your Friendly Postman

Who doesn't love a letter from a friend? Your email lists serve as your personal postman, delivering your content right to your audience's doorstep.

Segment Your Audience

  • Personalise: By segmenting your audience, you can send tailored content, like sending a special recipe to your food-loving friends.
  • Automation Tools: Tools such as Brevo can help you segment your audience with ease.

Target Tailored Content

  • Regular Newsletters: Weekly or monthly updates can keep your audience engaged and anticipating your next post.
  • Exclusive Offers: Add a special touch with exclusive content just for your email subscribers. They'll feel like VIPs at your tea party!

Social Media – The Neighbourhood Gathering Spot

Social media is like the local park or café where everyone gathers to chat. It's where snippets and links to your content become the talk of the town!

Share Snippets and Links

  • Visual Teasers: Share images, videos, or GIFs that give a taste of your content. It's like offering a free sample at the bakery – irresistible!
  • Engaging Captions: Ask questions or share quotes from your content. Make it a conversation starter, like a good joke at a party.
  • Scheduled Posts: Use tools like MissingLettr to schedule your posts. It's like having a friend to remind you when to pop over to the café!

Platforms to Consider

  • Facebook: Great for sharing with a wide audience. Think of it as the bustling market square!
  • Twitter: Perfect for quick updates and engaging with other creators. It's the local pub where everyone knows your name!
  • LinkedIn: Ideal for professional content. It's the elegant dinner party of the social media world.

Promoting Your Content Through Social Media Ads

You know, those things you might usually scroll past in your feed? Well, it turns out they're rather useful for promoting your content too! Here's a detailed exploration to help you get the most out of these advertising marvels.

Facebook & Instagram – The Carousel Ride of Social Media

Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram are like a merry-go-round showcasing your prized content. Each ‘horse' can represent a different piece of your content, and viewers can scroll through at leisure. Splendid, isn't it?

Using Carousel Ads to Showcase Content

  • Choose Engaging Images: Select visuals that make people stop scrolling and think, “Cor, what's this?”
  • Write Compelling Captions: Add a line or two that makes them want to click and explore further. Entice them, like a mysterious book cover in a library.
  • Link to Relevant Pages: Make sure each carousel slide leads to the related content on your site. It's like a mini treasure map to your gems!
  • Target the Right Audience: Use Facebook's ad targeting to reach people who might actually enjoy what you're showcasing. It's like inviting the right friends to your party!

LinkedIn – The Sophisticated Lounge of Professionals

LinkedIn is not just for job hunting; it's a place to share content that appeals to industry professionals. Think of it as a business lounge, but without the stuffy suits.

Targeting Professionals

  • Know Your Audience: Are they entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers? Knowing your guests makes for better conversation.
  • Create Industry-Specific Content: Share insights, tips, and news that resonate with professionals in the field. It's like bringing the right bottle of wine to dinner.
  • Use Sponsored Content: LinkedIn's sponsored content allows you to promote posts directly to the feed of professionals you want to reach. How convenient!

Pinterest – The Art Gallery of the Digital World

Pinterest is not just a hub for DIY enthusiasts and wedding planners; it's like a digital art gallery where your visually appealing content can shine.

Sharing Visually Engaging Content

  • Create Eye-Catching Pins: Design pins that make people want to stop and stare. A splash of colour here, an intriguing image there – voila!
  • Add Descriptive Captions: Think of this as the little placard next to the painting in the gallery. It tells people what your content is about.
  • Link to Your Site: Remember to link back to your site so that those interested can learn more. It's like offering a guided tour of your gallery.
  • Use Promoted Pins: You can pay to have your pins seen by more people. Consider it like hiring a town crier to announce your latest masterpiece!

In the grand tapestry of promoting your content, social media ads are more than just threads; they're vibrant colours that bring the whole piece to life

Collaborating with Influencers and Publications

Ah, collaboration! It's like dancing a waltz with partners who know how to twirl and step in time with you. When it comes to promoting your content, teaming up with influencers and publications can turn your solo performance into a grand ensemble. Allow me to escort you through this elegant ballroom of collaboration.

Finding Relevant Influencers – Dancing with the Stars of Your Niche

Influencers are like the well-known dancers in your field; they've got grace, style, and a crowd that loves to watch them perform. So, how do you find the right partner for your content waltz?

Identify Your Audience's Interests

  • What Do They Like?: Understanding your audience's interests helps you find influencers who align with them. It's like knowing your dance partner's favourite song!
  • Use Tools to Find Influencers: Platforms like BuzzSumo can connect you with influencers in your niche. Think of it as your digital dance card.

Reach Out Thoughtfully

  • Personalise Your Approach: Craft a message that shows you've done your homework. It's like complimenting your dance partner's gown before asking for a dance.
  • Propose Clear Collaboration Ideas: What will you create together? A blog, a video, a podcast? Paint a picture of a beautiful duet.

Build Genuine Relationships

  • Engage on Social Media: Comment, like, and share their content. It's like practising your dance steps together before the big show.
  • Provide Value: What can you offer them? A fresh perspective, unique insights? Show them why they should choose you as their partner on the dance floor.

Pitching to Publications – Hosting Your Own Grand Ball

Guest posts and sponsorships with publications are like hosting your own grand ball. They allow you to reach a broader audience and make new connections.

Find Suitable Publications

  • Identify Your Niche's Top Publications: These are the grand halls where your industry's balls are hosted. Consider tools like Google Scholar for academic publications.
  • Read Their Guidelines: Know the dress code before you show up! Each publication has its guidelines for guest posting.

Craft Your Pitch

  • Present Your Unique Idea: Propose a guest post or sponsorship that stands out. It's like offering to bring a live orchestra to the ball – it has to be special!
  • Showcase Your Previous Work: Your portfolio is your dance repertoire. Show them what you've got!

Nurture the Relationship

  • Follow Up Thoughtfully: If you don't hear back, follow up with a gentle nudge. It's like asking, “Shall we dance?” a second time, just in case they didn't hear you the first.
  • Deliver Quality Content: Once accepted, make sure your content shines. You're on the dance floor now; dazzle them with your steps!

Collaborating with influencers and publications is akin to a delightful dance in the grand ballroom of your industry. By finding the right partners and approaching them with grace and charm, you can twirl your way into new audiences and create content that resonates with the crowd. So, polish those dancing shoes and start waltzing your way through the grand collaboration dance

Using Multimedia for Social and Promoting Your Content

Repurposing content? It's like taking an old, beloved wardrobe and turning it into an array of fashionable new outfits. Whether it's snippets, quotes, or micro-videos, transforming your content into various formats for social media can be a fun and rewarding experience. Let's step into the tailor's shop, shall we?

Create Snippets & Quotes – The Snazzy Bow Ties of Content

Snippets and quotes are the snazzy accessories that catch the eye. Short, engaging, and versatile, they are perfect for platforms like Twitter, where brevity is the name of the game.

Choosing the Right Snippets

  • Select Key Takeaways: Find those golden nuggets of wisdom in your content that make people go, “Well, isn't that clever?”
  • Add Eye-Catching Images: Think of this as adding a splash of colour to your bow tie. A visually pleasing image can make your snippet stand out in the social media crowd.

Crafting Engaging Quotes

  • Pick Memorable Lines: Like choosing the best fabric, select quotes that resonate and stick in the minds of your readers.
  • Design Quote Cards: Tools like Canva can help you turn those quotes into visually stunning cards. It's like embroidering your favourite quote onto a fancy handkerchief.

Share and Engage

  • Post at Optimal Times: Find out when your audience is most active. It's like knowing the best time to flaunt your new outfit at the party.
  • Encourage Interaction: Ask questions or opinions about the snippet or quote. It turns a simple statement into an engaging conversation, much like discussing fashion trends at a soirée.

Make Micro-Videos – The Elegant Ball Gowns of Multimedia

Micro-videos are like the elegant gowns of multimedia. They twirl, they catch the light, and they showcase the best parts of your content in a format that's hard to ignore.

Selecting Content for Micro-Videos

  • Highlight Main Points: Think of this as choosing the best twirls and flourishes for your dance. Pick content that looks good in motion.
  • Include a Call to Action: Invite viewers to read more, subscribe, or engage. It's like extending a gloved hand for a dance.

Creating the Videos

  • Use Simple Editing Tools: Platforms like Clipchamp make it easy to edit videos, even for those of us who aren't professional tailors in the video world.
  • Add Captions and Graphics: Think of these as the sparkling accessories that complete the gown. They enhance understanding and add a touch of class.

Sharing and Analyzing

  • Choose the Right Platforms: Instagram and TikTok love a good micro-video. It's like knowing which ballroom appreciates your style of dance.
  • Track Engagement: Are people watching, liking, sharing? Understanding the performance of your videos helps you tailor future content more effectively.

So, there you have it, dear reader: the fashion-forward guide to repurposing your content with snippets, quotes, and micro-videos. It's not just about cutting and stitching; it's about transforming your old content into a new multimedia wardrobe that's ready for the social media runway. Now, strike a pose

Sending Dedicated Emails

Sending dedicated emails is like posting handwritten letters to dear friends, except it's through the digital post and there's no need to worry about someone else getting your mail. Email marketing is more than just a promotional tool; it's a way to connect with your readers like a friendly neighbour popping by for a chat. Here's how to make the most of this valuable channel.

Highlighting New Content – Your Regular News Bulletin

Ah, new content! Just like when the baker down the street comes out with a fresh batch of pastries, you want to let everyone know.

Create Engaging Subject Lines

  • Make Them Click-Worthy: Your subject line is the enticing aroma that wafts from the bakery. Something like “Fresh Out of the Oven: Our Latest Blog Post!” might make your readers' curiosity taste buds tingle.
  • Keep it Relevant: Nobody likes being promised a chocolate éclair and then receiving a bran muffin. Make sure your subject line matches the content inside.

Craft a Compelling Email Body

  • Personalise the Greeting: Start with something like “Hello, [Name]!” It's like tipping your hat to a familiar face on the street.
  • Showcase the Content: Use appealing visuals, brief descriptions, and clear links. It's like setting out a beautiful window display to lure them into your content shop.
  • Include a Call to Action: Invite them to read, share, or comment. Extend that virtual hand for a friendly shake!

Timing is Everything

  • Schedule Regular Updates: Consistency keeps your audience engaged. It's like having a standing coffee date every Tuesday at the local café.
  • Avoid Overwhelming Your Readers: You wouldn't want to bombard a friend with daily letters, would you? Space your emails thoughtfully.

Segmented Campaigns – Tailored Letters for Special Friends

Segmented campaigns are like sending personalised letters to different groups of friends. One for the gardening club, another for the book enthusiasts – you get the idea.

Identify Your Segments

  • Know Your Audience's Interests: It's like knowing which friends enjoy cricket and which ones prefer knitting.
  • Create Specific Lists: Group your subscribers based on interests, behaviours, or demographic information.

Design Targeted Content

  • Speak to Their Interests: Tailor your email as if you were chatting over a cuppa about their favourite subject.
  • Provide Exclusive Offers or Insights: Give them something special, like an insider's peek at upcoming content or a special discount. It's like slipping a little gift into a friend's letter.

Measure and Adjust

  • Track Engagement Rates: Are these personalised letters hitting the mark? Use tools like Brevo to monitor how your segmented campaigns are performing.
  • Refine Your Approach: If the cricket lovers are responding more to videos, or the knitters are sharing your infographics, take note and adjust accordingly.

Dedicated emails are not just a promotional tactic; they're an opportunity to build and nurture relationships with your readers. By highlighting new content in a compelling way and personalising through segmented campaigns, you can turn your email marketing into a warm and engaging conversation. It's like having a network of pen pals, each one eagerly awaiting your next digital letter. Now, pop the kettle on, grab your virtual pen, and start crafting those delightful emails! Ding! You've got connections.

Promoting Long-Term, Evergreen Content

Ah, evergreen content! It's the noble oak tree of your content forest, steadfast and resilient, providing shade and splendour year-round. Unlike the fleeting cherry blossoms of seasonal content, evergreen pieces remain relevant and fresh, much like a classic tweed jacket that never goes out of style.

But how do you keep promoting this content so it doesn't end up like a dusty old tome on a forgotten library shelf? Let's take a leisurely stroll down the garden path of evergreen content promotion, shall we?

Understanding Evergreen Content – The Stalwarts of Your Garden

First things first, what makes content evergreen? Think timeless classics, not one-hit wonders.

  • Topics that Always Resonate: Like love, friendship, and the eternal quest for the perfect cup of tea, some subjects never lose their charm.
  • Avoid Dates and Seasons: Mentioning specific dates or current trends might make your content wilt like a neglected houseplant. Keep it perennial!

The Tools of the Trade – Your Gardening Kit

Here's where tools like MissingLettr and others come into play. They're the trusty garden shears and watering cans that help you maintain your evergreen garden.

Scheduling Tools

  • Plan Ahead: Set up a schedule to share your content at regular intervals. It's like pruning and watering your plants to keep them blooming.
  • Automate the Process: Tools can take over the tedious task of posting. Just set it and forget it, much like a self-watering planter for your digital garden.

Analytics Tools

  • Monitor Engagement: Like checking for healthy leaves and new growth, keep an eye on how your content is performing.
  • Adjust as Needed: If something's not thriving, don't be afraid to make changes. Even evergreens need a little TLC now and then.

Creative Ways to Re-Promote – New Paths in the Garden

Just because it's evergreen doesn't mean you can't get creative with how you promote it.


  • Create New Formats: Turn a blog post into a podcast or infographic. It's like propagating new plants from old ones.
  • Highlight in Newsletters: Regularly feature evergreen pieces in your email updates, like a favourite garden bench you revisit from time to time.


  • Partner with Others: Like cross-pollinating plants, collaborate with other creators to give your content new life and reach new audiences.

Keep It Fresh

  • Update When Necessary: If a piece of information changes, update the content. It's like adding a fresh coat of paint to a garden fence.

Promoting long-term evergreen content is like tending to a beautiful garden that offers joy and value throughout the years. With the right tools, a touch of creativity, and a little nurturing, your evergreen content can continue to flourish and enrich your audience's lives. So, put on your gardening gloves and start tending to those magnificent oaks in your content forest. They may just become the favourite gathering spot for many a reader, like a cherished park bench beneath a majestic tree.

Tracking Performance When Promoting Your Content

You wouldn't bake a cake without tasting it, right? Imagine you've baked a scrumptious Victoria sponge, adorned with cream and fresh strawberries. You wouldn't just stare at it, would you? No, you'd want to taste it, share it, and find out what others think. That's precisely what tracking performance is all about in the content promotion world. Let's dig into this delightful process, shall we?

Analysing Engagement – The Taste Test

Analysing engagement is like watching your guests enjoy the cake, noticing their expressions, and hearing their praises (or polite suggestions for more sugar next time).

What to Look For

  • Likes, Shares, Comments: These are the appreciative nods and smiles of the content world.
  • Click-through Rates: People not only looked at your cake but also took a bite. Yum!
  • Bounce Rates: Did they take a nibble and then push away their plates? This might signal something needs adjusting.

Tools of the Trade

  • Platforms like Google Analytics can give you a detailed taste test of how your content is being received.
  • Social Media Insights: Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms provide analytics. It's like asking each guest individually what they thought of your culinary creation.

Making Adjustments

  • More of What Works: If chocolate ganache is a hit, why not try chocolate sprinkles next time?
  • Improve What Doesn't: That lemon glaze didn't quite hit the mark? Maybe it's time for a zesty orange twist.

Evaluating ROI – The Party Budget

You wouldn't throw a lavish dinner party without considering the budget, right? The same goes for content promotion.

Define Your Goals

  • Know What You Want: Is it brand awareness, sales, or something else? It's like deciding whether you want a cosy tea party or a grand banquet.
  • Set Clear Metrics: Decide on the measures that will tell you if you've reached your goals. It's like counting RSVPs and satisfied smiles.

Assess the Channels

  • Where's the Party At?: Some channels might bring more guests to the table. Focus on those, like choosing the best room for the feast.
  • Invest Wisely: Allocate resources to tactics that give the best return. It's like splurging on the finest clotted cream but saving on the table decorations.

Use Tools and Techniques

  • Platforms like HubSpot can help you see where your promotional pounds are best spent.
  • Compare and Contrast: Like a seasoned chef, try different recipes and see which one becomes the signature dish.

Tracking performance when promoting your content is not just a necessary chore; it's a delightful exploration of tastes, preferences, and successful gatherings. By analysing engagement and evaluating ROI, you're ensuring that your content promotion is not just a bland rice cake but a sumptuous feast that delights your audience and brings them back for seconds. So, don your chef's hat and start tasting, tweaking, and triumphing in the grand banquet hall of content promotion.

Examples of Promoting Your Content:

  • Influencer co-created content (two heads are better than one!)
  • Facebook and Instagram carousel ads (a merry-go-round of your finest work)
  • Sponsored newsletter inserts (a sprinkle of promotion in every inbox)
  • Blog contributor outreach (making friends in the writing world)
  • Repurposed content email sequence (why make new when you can refurbish?)
  • Evergreen content social scheduling (keeping the green in evergreen!)

And there you have it, a whirlwind tour of promoting your content. Looking forward to Day 18, and as always, do share your thoughts or even some of your magical promotional ideas!

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