Seeking to boost conversions on your online course sales pages? You're in the right place. Let me introduce you to social proof software, a key tool in enhancing conversions and sales. These ingenious tools show a small pop-up on your screen, displaying actions like course enrolments by other visitors. Picture landing on a website and seeing, “Laura from London just enrolled in this course.” That's social proof software at work, sparking interest among potential customers.

Provesource is a notable player in this field, embraced by over 40,000 businesses to ramp up conversions on their sales pages and eCommerce platforms. It's time to uncover what sets Provesource apart in the social proof software arena and how it can ignite the FOMO (fear of missing out) in your prospective course participants.

Why Provesource is a Favourite

Provesource stands out for being budget-friendly and easy to use. It's free for the first 1,000 site visitors, a boon for those on tight budgets. Note that this free version displays Provesource branding. A modestly priced upgrade removes this. The setup is a breeze, involving a simple code snippet addition to your site. Video guides are available too, meaning no technical expertise is needed.

Provesource's reliability is a major plus. It consistently performs across numerous websites, ensuring a dependable conversion tool for your pages.

Notably, Provesource is mobile-responsive. Notifications adapt to various screen sizes, making the tool versatile across devices.

After purchasing Provesource, there's a 14-day risk-free trial. If it's not for you, simply request a refund through their live chat. The support team is also highly rated.

One of Provesource's strengths is its flexibility across multiple domains. Manage all your domains from one interface, a cost-effective approach for those with numerous courses and sales pages.

The diversity in notification styles is another advantage. You're not limited to sales or opt-in notifications. You can also display reviews from platforms like Google or Trustpilot.

Provesource integrates with many third-party tools, including ClickFunnels, Shopify, and WordPress. It's easy to add to platforms like Thrivecart, showing real-time enrolments in courses.

On their website, Provesource offers insightful case studies. These provide real-world examples of how businesses use the tool to enhance sales and conversions.

Tracking capabilities are a part of Provesource's appeal. You can monitor web form conversions and free course sign-ups. The tool also allows goal setting to track your return on investment (ROI). GDPR compliance is ensured by options to display actions anonymously or with limited details, like “someone from London.”

Lastly, Provesource is genuine. It displays real, verified actions, a vital factor in an era of scepticism towards online claims.

Considerations with Provesource

The downsides of Provesource are minimal. It may receive scepticism in certain niches like ‘make money online', where such notifications are often overused. However, in most sectors, its effectiveness in boosting conversions is notable.

As a freemium model, Provesource allows you to test its features before deciding to upgrade. This is especially useful if your site's traffic exceeds 1,000 visitors a month.

Verdict on Provesource

Provesource is a go-to tool for enhancing sales and conversions. It's user-friendly, consistently reliable, and affordable. The free plan is a great starting point to experience its benefits. In essence, Provesource is a must-try for anyone looking to up their online course sales game. Give it a go and see the difference for yourself!

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