Including relevant statistics or thought-provoking quotes will help keep your readers engaged and will add credibility to your writing. Here are some resources you can use to find quality statistics and quotes to power up your content.

Quote Resources

  1. If you’re looking for quotes on specific topics, you may be able to find a site dedicated to quotations on that very topic (just do a search on your favorite search engine), but here are a few resources that have large databases and quotations on a variety of topics.
  2. This site claims to be the first quotation site on the Internet (1994). They cover a variety of subjects and have over 26,000 quotes in their database.
  3. Quotes on tons of subjects and from a wide variety of authors.
  4. Quotes on a variety of topics and even categories for holidays / important dates throughout the year.
  5. A collection of quotes you can search by topic.
  6.  Another large collection of quotes on a variety of topics.
  7. Collection of quotes, picture quotes, short stories, and more on inspiring topics.
  8. PoteQuotes: 218 categories of quotes from celebrities, visionaries, critical thinkers, and popular authors.
  9. IZQuotes: Famous quotes, proverbs, and sayings on a variety of topics.
  10. Quotes to help you get a better perspective. Quotes that offer answers and some you may just like.
  11. Quotes, conversation starters, history personal development, relationships, and more.
  12. A comprehensive site for famous quotes. Last updated in 2018 but according to the site, there are over 28,000 quotes. 

Statistics Resources:

Here are some handy resources for coming up with hard-hitting and eye-opening statistics for your next content piece.

Government Statistics:

  1. U.S government Census Bureau. Statistics on people, households, business, and geography.
  2. Data and statistics about the United States.
  3. Medical facts and research published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
  4. Canada Government collected statistics
  5. Ons,– UK Office for National Statistics
  6. Australian Bureau Statistics on a wide variety of topics.
  7. More Listings for Worldwide Government Statistics

Private Websites & Organizations

Disclaimer: We aren’t statisticians, even though Kevin and I met in a stats class. If the accuracy of the statistics is of utmost importance to you, make sure you review how the data is collected and presented.

Also, here is an article that explains statistics for journalists – might be helpful to you too.

  1.  Statistics on how consumers get information, consume media, and buy goods and services.
  2.  Large collection of government and privately gathered information and statistics on economic topics.
  3. An interesting site that calculates value over time. For example, you can find out the relative worth of a dollar in 1972 compared to today.
  4. A virtual library. Joining the membership gives you access to over 94,000 academic books and over 14 million journals, magazine, and newspaper articles from the world's leading publishers.
  5. This organization check claims made in political campaigns, on a wide variety of subjects. From health care to taxes and more.
  6. Is a site with a similar goal to Fact Check.
  7. Provides estimated statistics on website popularity. Also includes other interesting data including traffic trends, related sites, etc.
  8. Economic development statistics for countries around the world.
  9. A variety of worldwide statistics from populations, cell phones sold in a day to numbers of Internet users and food production.
  10. Country comparisons on a wide variety of statistics.
  11. World statistics provided by Unicef.
  12. World Health Organization statistics.
  13. Contains data on more than 60,000 topics from 18, 000 sources. This is one of my fave places as they have mini-infographics
  14. A large variety of facts on a number of topics
  15. A large database of statistics. Free and paid membership options.
  16. Google Public Data: A database of statistics relevant to current trends.
  17. According to their site, they provide analytics and advice about everything that matters
  18. Marketing sizing and trends on any sector in any country.
  19. A site to help you find, connect, and manage data from external sources.
  20. Facts and stats about marketing and business.
  21. Industry news and stats.
  22. A database of over 500,000 custom-curated statistical dad sets and graphical interfaces.
  23. News, reports, data, and more about business and marketing topics.



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