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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing: Repromoting Your Content

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing: Repromoting Your Content

The gentle art of repromoting content! It's like taking a cherished family recipe and turning it into a whole banquet of delightful dishes. Today, dear reader, we'll unravel the culinary secrets of repromoting content, with a hearty serving of evergreen flair.

Audit Evergreen Content Performance – Finding the Perfect Ingredients

Just as you would pick the ripest tomatoes for your salad, it's important to choose the right content to repromote.

How to Do It:

  • Analyse Your Analytics: Identify evergreen content that keeps attracting traffic, like a favourite cake recipe that everyone adores.
  • Select Winners: Focus on content that continues to engage, akin to keeping the secret family sauce recipe on the menu.


  • Refreshing a Classic Blog Post: If your “Guide to Perfect Pastry” is still raking in views, give it a spritz of fresh lemon zest by repromoting it.

Set a Repromotion Schedule – Creating the Perfect Menu

Timing is crucial, whether you're roasting a turkey or repromoting content.

How to Do It:

  • Add to Your Editorial Calendar: Like planning your seasonal menu, decide if the content should be reshared monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Align with Shelf Life: Recognise the longevity of your content, just like you wouldn't serve yesterday's soufflé.


  • Resharing a Seasonal Tips Article: Your “Winter Gardening Tips” can be a recurring delicacy each winter.

Adapt Content for Each Channel – A Dish for Every Occasion

Content must be seasoned to taste, or in this case, tailored to each social media platform.

How to Do It:

  • Customise Your Approach: Extract different morsels to share on Twitter vs. LinkedIn, just as you'd adjust spices for different palates.
  • Think of the Audience: Consider what will tantalise the taste buds of each platform's users.


  • Tweaking a Recipe for Instagram and Facebook: A stunning food photo for Instagram, and a step-by-step video guide for Facebook.

Update Content Periodically – Freshen Up Your Feast

Serving the same stew repeatedly? Freshen it up with some new herbs and spices.

How to Do It:

  • Incorporate New Data: Add current statistics and trends like garnishing a dish with fresh herbs.
  • Revive with Relevant Examples: Bring in modern analogies or success stories, akin to adding a splash of fine wine to the sauce.


  • Revamping an Industry Report: If an old report is still relevant, add new data, like updating a cookbook with modern culinary techniques.

Rotate Across Social Channels – A New Twist on Old Favourites

Don't serve tea to the coffee lovers. Varying your platforms ensures a perfect pairing with your audience.

How to Do It:

  • Vary Your Platforms: Like a roving feast, change up where you feature the content to engage different audiences.
  • Experiment with Timing: Test different times for different platforms, akin to catching the aroma of fresh-baked bread right from the oven.


  • Repromoting a Webinar: Share on LinkedIn for professionals and YouTube for a broader audience.

Promote During Key Events or Milestones – Seasonal Delights

Relish in the delight of connecting your evergreen content to current events, like crafting a festive Christmas feast.

How to Do It:

  • Identify Relevant Occasions: Match your content to awareness days, seasonal events, or hot industry news.
  • Create Contextual Connections: Weave your content into the fabric of what's happening now.


  • Repromoting a ‘Healthy Eating Guide’: Share during health awareness month, garnished with up-to-date tips.

Examples of Repromoting Evergreen Content – A Feast for the Eyes

  • Refreshing and Resharing an Annual Industry Trends Report: A classic wine, maturing with age.
  • Re-Sharing an Evergreen ‘Beginner's Guide' Post: The soup course that opens every autumn menu.
  • Revisiting Evergreen Opinion Pieces: A cheese selection that fits any gourmet occasion.
  • Repurposing Popular Archival Content: Like turning leftovers into a gourmet casserole.

So, there you have it, a veritable feast of wisdom on repromoting content. As you plan your next content banquet, remember that evergreen content can be the trusty dishes that keep your guests coming back for more. Now, what will you be serving on Day 19? Let's keep the creative culinary delights coming! 🍽️

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