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The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing: Repurposing Content into Different Formats

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing: Repurposing Content into Different Formats

We’re almost halfway through our thrilling content marketing adventure! So far, we've navigated through the maze of strategy, distribution, planning, formats, headlines, publishing approaches, syndication, and repurposing. Feeling proud? You should be! Now, let's plunge into the rewarding world of taking your existing content and repurposing it into new, exciting formats. By Repurposing Content into Different Formats, you're setting the stage for maximising value and reach.

Start with High-Quality Assets: Choose Wisely

When it comes to repurposing, begin with your best, evergreen content. Consider pieces that have already proven their worth in terms of engagement, information richness, and SEO value. Imagine a timeless blog post about healthy eating that could become an interactive guide for fitness enthusiasts.

Identify Format Potential: The World Is Your Oyster

The content's potential is your creative playground. Think about repurposing:

  • Blog posts into videos, podcasts, infographics, and flatlays (Great for fashion bloggers!)
  • Webinars into blogs, social posts (Ideal for tech startups sharing knowledge!)
  • Whitepapers into slide decks, checklists (Perfect for financial advisors breaking down complex topics!)
  • Videos into audio podcasts, blog transcripts (Exciting for travel vloggers who can narrate their adventures!)

Adapt the Format: Tailor with Precision

It's not about merely copying and pasting; it's about understanding what needs to change and why. A healthcare company might turn a dense medical paper into engaging slides for a broader audience. Or an educational institution might convert textual content into educational videos for visual learners.

Promote Across Platforms: Spread the Word

Once you've created a new format, share it across suitable platforms. For example, an artist could share a time-lapse painting video on YouTube and Instagram, and a detailed step-by-step guide on their blog.

Monitor Performance: Keep an Eye Out

Track how each format is performing. If a chef finds that their cooking tutorials on YouTube are a hit, they could focus on creating more of such content.

Industry-Specific Examples: Repurposing Content into Different Formats

  • Blog PostTop 10 Social Media Tips for Businesses: Repurpose into a YouTube video series for marketing agencies, podcasts for busy entrepreneurs, or Facebook and Instagram carousels for visually inclined audiences.
  • WebinarHow to Do a Website Audit: Turn into a concise blog post summary for quick readers or repurpose into a fresh webinar for digital marketers seeking advanced skills.
  • EbookThe Beginners Guide to SEO: Break down into a blog post series for budding SEO specialists, a slideshare for visual learners, an infographic for quick reference, or Youtube videos for interactive learning.

The Tremendous Upside: A Content Renaissance

As you can see, repurposing content into different formats isn't just a tactic; it's a rejuvenation process. It adds versatility and longevity to your content, making it more accessible to diverse audiences.

Your Turn!

Now, what existing gems are hiding in your content vault, waiting to be transformed? Your ideas and questions are always a welcome addition, so don't be shy. Day 14 awaits, and the possibilities are endless. Let's keep the momentum going

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